Surviving Cancerland: Intuitive Aspects of Healing



Surviving Cancerland is Kathleen O Keefe-Kanavos’s account of how she learned to stand in her power and speak her truth during a life crisis by connecting with her physician-within through dreams, meditations, and prayer. Believing in her intuition, Kathleen used it to self-advocate a course of cancer treatment in her healing process, often needing to persuade her doctors to cooperate with her. Don t tell your Higher Power how big your problems are, Kathleen says. Tell your problems how big your Higher Power is! Kathleen believes you should work with your doctors, financiers, coworkers, bosses, and family, but never forget that you must make the final decisions. She hopes her story can help you make better choices, live a more fulfilling life, and discover your destiny.

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Lynn Forrester-Pitocco

Kathleen, I have not read your complete story yet, but having gone through cancer I can concur with you that working with everyone involved is important, leaving the final decision up to you, and believing in the God who created us that He never abandons. I never could have made it through with out my faith and since have walked others through this journey with great peace, and many survivals. God Bless

Kathleen O'keefe- Kanavos
Kathleen O'keefe- Kanavos

Hi Lynn, I think I posted my reply in the wrong box. So sorry. Thank you for your heart-felt comment and I left you a long response in the comment box ABOVE your name and lovely face.

Kathleen O\'Keefe-Kanavos
Kathleen O\'Keefe-Kanavos

Lynn Forrester, Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts about Surviving Cancerland: Intuitive Aspects of Healing. And I thank you, as one survivor to another, for walking others through this journey. Yes, you are so right, God never abandons us. When I was diagnosed with recurrence I had my moments of doubt, but they were always washed away when I looked down, saw one set of big footprints in the sand and realized He was carrying me through my darkest hour. There were days when I just had to let go and let God. It sounds like you had those days, too. Please come back and let me know how you liked the book. I wrote it for special people like you. God Bless you!