Surprising Ways The Pandemic Might Be Harming Your Career

“How is the pandemic harming my career? Well, there are tens of millions of unemployed people, so that’s a start!” There’s no doubt that reduced revenues and budgets have led to people losing their jobs, which is heartbreaking. Hopefully, the furlough schemes and government plans are enough to ensure these people are looked after properly.

However, as bad as the market appears currently, you could be harming your career prospects without even realizing you’re doing any harm. Most people, whether employed or not, make mistakes during crises that exacerbate the situation.

Here are four of them to avoid, and the potential solutions.

Not Going To School

Going back to school to gain new qualifications never seems like a good move as it isn’t the “right” time. After all, money is tight and there’s a lot of uncertainty. On the flip side, you have tons of spare time, which makes going back to school to gain qualifications a productive option.

Whether it’s a masters degree in education or a leadership qualification, an extra certification will put you at the front of the line with regards to cuts at your current employer. Alternatively, it will also help if you need to search for a different role as a masters looks better on your resume than an undergraduate degree. The last thing you want is to find yourself in a position where you’re at the back of the line for a role because you weren’t productive during the pandemic.

Avoiding Interaction

Socializing is harmful because the virus is super-contagious, so it makes sense to avoid functions. However, it’s easy to get into a bad habit that prevents you from networking and remaining current within the company. Firstly, attending virtual meetings is a must as there are no excuses for skipping class, other than a lack of motivation or overworking. Secondly, if your colleagues do go back into the office, you have to weigh up the pros and cons. Remember that choosing to work virtually will only leave you out of the loop and weaken your position.

Staying Loyal

Loyalty is a virtue. Unfortunately, it isn’t shared by everybody. You might assume you can’t leave an employer in the lurch because it’s your duty, but would they do the same? Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, yet a pandemic is a dog-eat-dog world for employees since there are millions of unemployed people and a small number of jobs to go around. Therefore, you should seriously consider accepting an offer if one is presented to you. If anything, it could be the best thing for both parties, especially if the company has to cut the labor bill.

Remaining In The Same Lane

The worst-case has happened and you don’t have a job. Your next move is to apply for roles and land an interview. However, applying for the same positions isn’t a smart move as the industry is clearly in a bad spot. With that in mind, the logical decision is to switch lanes to a sector that has strengthened during the health crisis. Not only do they have more jobs, but they will be more secure than anything you can find in a crumbling industry.

Losing your jobs sucks, yet it’s how you respond that defines your future.

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