Successful Guest Articles are comprehensive, actionable, how-to style content matching our three-pronged criteria – SIGNIFICANT, RELEVANT and ACTIONABLE.

We’re looking for ORIGINAL, timeless (“evergreen”) content. We aren’t looking for long-winded essays, academic dissertations, emotionally charged diatribes or lightweight stream-of-consciousness fluff. We are looking for hard-hitting, practical, evidence-based posts that present useful information or tell a compelling story. We want Articles that are packed with genuinely useful content that are backed up with insight, detail, and concrete, well-explained examples. We’re looking for “storytelling” at it’s best – crafted to break through all the “clutter” out there, overcoming the attention economy challenge by “pinning down” the wandering mind.


  • What topics are successful? Those that match our publishing “ethos,” which is focused on “evergreen” content that is significant, relevant and actionable. Evergreen content is not “breaking news” or “date-sensitive” in any respect,  remaining relevant and “fresh” for readers over a long period of time – as the name implies. You may think that all online content is sustainable; after all, a blog post doesn’t just disappear after you publish it. But evergreen content is different. It continues to be relevant long past its publication date.
  • How many words in my Article?
    Whether it be 100 words or 2,000 words, we invite you to focus on your message, not on your word count. In other words, use however few or however many words you wish to deliver your message.
  • Do I need to supply images? Never. We have an extensive high-definition Media Library and will always select the best image for your message.


  1. YOUR PIECE NEEDS TO BE WELL-WRITTEN. We are an award-winning website with hundreds of top-notch Contributors, so we know the difference between good writing, bad writing, and mediocre writing. That means we need to model what good writing looks like, especially any guest posts we accept. If your writing is bad, or worse, is mediocre, we won’t accept it. We may edit it, or we may just delete it. So bring your A game. These tools may be helpful @SCRIBETOOLS
  2. NO LINK BUILDING POSTS. If you’re writing blog posts as a way to generate backlinks to your site or your company, forget it. Google is cracking down on that practice, and we don’t want to get caught up in one of their sweeps. We have an entirely separate approach for that HERE.
  3. YOUR PIECE MUST BE UNIQUE. The thing that killed guest posting for most people? The same articles and infographics being submitted to dozens of places over and over again. We don’t want variations of old articles, and we definitely don’t want reprints.
  4. WE\’RE NOT INTERESTED IF GUEST POSTING IS YOUR JOB.  If your job is to place guest posts on a bunch of different blogs for SEO purposes, we’re not interested. We want to support fellow entrepreneurs and writers. We want to hear from thought leaders who are building their own brands and businesses, or aspiring writers building their portfolio.
Any other advice or guidance on what makes a great Article? Yes – please remember to focus on authoring “evergreen” content.
📌  Your Content must be original. We will carefully search for the content you submit across the web. If your content is present somewhere else on the web, it won’t be published here. Moreover, we require exclusivity of the content you provide, meaning the content won’t appear anywhere else in the same form you provided it to us.
📌  Look for opportunities to link to existing posts on BIZCATALYST360° within your post. In order to maintain continuity with Our Site content, we ask you to place links to at least one of our posts (which may include your prior posts)
📌  Your Content must not have more than 3 backlinks.
📌  Your Content tone of voice must be non-promotional. Promotion in any form, including backlinks to third-party sites, will not be accepted,  whether it be self-promotional or for the benefit of a third-party relationship.

ATTENTION CONTENT MARKETERS If you are authoring any form of promotional Content on behalf of Content Marketing Services, Affiliate relationships, Lead Generation companies, or “Link Building” services. STOP HERE. We welcome such relationships but subject to agreed terms. See Sponsored Content.


SEND US AN EMAIL [ SUBJECT LINE: GUEST AUTHOR ], including ALL of the following:
1. CONFIRM that you have reviewed and will comply with our Editorial Guidelines.
2. PROVIDE your Guest Article in WORD or GOOGLE Docs format (NO Images please)
3. CONFIRM that your Article contains at minimum one (1) backlink to an Article on our Site.
4. PROVIDE your Full Name, Biography (max 250 Words) and registered email address.
5. PROVIDE your Website and all Social Media links (minimum two verifiable personal social media accounts, open & active for at least six months)
6. CONFIRM that you have Connected with us on Linkedin HERE
7. CONFIRM that you have Followed us on Twitter HERE
8. CONFIRM that you have joined our NGAGE Café HERE
9. PROVIDE links to samples of Articles authored by you with YOUR byline and published elsewhere (if any)
10. CONFIRM that your Article is NOT promotional in any respect, for the benefit of any third party Affiliate, Content Marketing or Link Building Service (including your own) and that NO hyperlinks to promotional sites of any nature are includedIf you are authoring any form of promotional Content on behalf of Content Marketing Services, Affiliate relationships, Lead Generation companies, or “Link Building” services. STOP HERE. We welcome such relationships but subject to agreed terms. See Sponsored Content.
YOU MUST RESPOND TO ALL 10 ITEMS ABOVE. Incomplete responses will not be considered. Approved Articles will normally be published within five (5) Business days of Submission. Release of your Article will be confirmed by sending you a Link.

Anything I need to do after my Article is published?
YES – Immediately following receipt of our Email confirming that your post has been published, we expect you to aggressively promote your post across all of your social media outlets. And when we relay comments from our Site visitors to you, we expect you to respond promptly with thoughtful engagement.

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