“Stupid Girl”

For those of us following an inspired path, we’ve come up against naysayers, Debbie Downers, and “haters.”  I’ve learned that this is all about wounding in THEM and has nothing to do with me.  But, in my younger years, I didn’t know this and was often left feeling hurt and rejected.  This poem was inspired by the ones who didn’t understand me.  I thank them for unknowingly becoming some of my greatest teachers.

Didn’t she go to college?
Yeah, came from a good family too.
Then why did she live in the projects?
Her poor parents. She’s so stupid.

Didn’t he cheat on her?
Yeah, and abuses her too.
Why the hell does she stay with him?
No backbone. She’s so stupid.

Didn’t she take him back?
Yeah, and he put her in debt all over again.
Why would she do that to herself?
Or her child…She’s so stupid.

Didn’t they promise her a pay raise?
Yeah, for over a year they dangled that carrot.
Why the hell doesn’t she leave?
What a doormat! She’s so stupid.

Didn’t she have a good job?
Yeah, at a big company too.
Why would she leave without a job to go to?
Such a dreamer. She’s so stupid.

Did you hear she started a podcast?
Yeah, with zero experience.
Who the hell does she think she is?
It’s embarrassing. She’s so stupid.

Did you hear she had an essay published?
Yeah, I read it.
I wonder why she never wrote before?
I always knew she was talented. She’s not stupid.

Did you see her on the cover of that online magazine?
Yeah, she looks great.
Did you know we’ve been friends for years?
I didn’t know that. She’s so cool.

Did you hear so and so is trying to write a novel?
Yeah, so ridiculous.
Since when does an accountant write fiction?
It’s going to bomb. He’s so stupid.


Carol Campos
Carol Campos
Like many, I struggled for years wondering what I was supposed to be doing with my life. I had been working in the corporate world for over 20 years, most recently in a leadership role with a Fortune 5 company. Although I was consistently recognized and promoted throughout my career, I somehow knew that I was meant to do something different. I felt stuck in a life that didn’t fit, yet I had created it. What was my purpose? I had no idea. Finally, I left my corporate job and made the leap into the unknown. After doing months of self-discovery work (actually, play!), reconnecting to my higher wisdom, and re-remembering who I was at my core, I realized I didn’t have to fix myself. I also realized that I didn’t have to worry about “finding my purpose.” What I found was that I’m multi-passionate and didn’t want to be boxed into one thing. I didn’t HAVE to be boxed into one thing. I started a podcast and a blog where I explored the human experience—including my own beautiful, messy, but perfect road. This blog later became my column on BizCatalyst 360°. I became a mentor and a wayshower for others. I became a consultant to help improve company culture and improve client relationships. These are things I couldn’t have imagined a few years ago. But as often is the case, the Universe had an even bigger plan for me than I had for myself. My Soul knew what I would be doing long before I did, and I’m grateful that I followed the Divine map that was laid out before me! I love traveling, exploring new cultures, being in nature, and helping people on their own paths. I hold a B.A. in Communications from Hofstra University. I live in Massachusetts with my rambunctious and hilarious cats, Petey, and Emmett.

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  1. Oh Carol… this made me pause, reflect and remember. The story lines are most likely so similar for so many of us.
    The stories that we grow up with are the trajectory of the lives we create. Here is to your BRILLIANCE!

  2. And so it goes…. This was a courageous, beautiful piece, Carol. You’ve done such a great job capturing the world’s petty dialogue, that I bet you would also do tremendous job tackling our own inner monologue (which can be equally brutal)… Let me know if you ever write that piece! xooxox