As the American Dream morphs with new generations, so too does the ideal neighborhood. In a new survey from ImproveNet, more than 2,000 Americans weighed in on their neighborhood ideals and what their dream neighborhood looks like in 2019. The survey asked about what must be included in a dream neighborhood, what the ideal setting for a dream neighborhood looks like, how close people are to their neighbors (not in proximity, but whether or not they like them!), whether people live in their dream neighborhood currently as well as how close is your dream neighborhood to where you live now and also if people currently contribute to the dynamic of their neighborhood.

The results will surprise you. Of the most surprising, 70% of American’s say they would rather live somewhere else than where they live now. 20% of respondents said they would like to move but less than 10 miles from their current home, showing that the grass is always greener on the other side for some people. The full analysis can be seen in the graphic below.

New Study Reveals Ingredients for America’s Dream NeighborhoodCourtesy of Improvenet

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