Stress Evaluation for Everyone

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by Michelle Elyn Hogan, Featured Contributor

[su_dropcap style=”flat”]O[/su_dropcap]N A SCALE from 1 to 10, where is your constant stress level? Now, on the same scale, where is your Peak Stress Level? We can see that the constant stress level will occur everywhere you go.

But what about the Peak Stress level?

Is it at home or at work? If it is at home, there are problems that need to be addressed. Talk with, not to, your Spouse. Find a middle ground and talk about how the stress has been affecting you and what you have seen going on with them as well. It is a way to find a common ground.

If your Peak Stress Level occurs at work, there is a simple, but hard to accept fix. Change it. Find another Company where the stress level will at least be reduced or, if this is the solution, find something that will not create such high stress for you.

The constant stress level is usually attached to a lack or complete absence of something you feel you need in your life, something that will drain the stress away from you completely.

If only you could…..

Golf, go sailing, hike in the mountains, sculpt, paint, fly a kite.

But let’s keep our head on straight about this. Those are diversions. They are releases but still diversions. The constant stress level rises when diversions are not available, like, in Winter as an example.

Sometimes a constant stress level can become the Peak Stress Level. Not good.

To alleviate that, it is best to sit down and take stock of what is really important to you. As a base line, can you say, in all truthfulness, “I want this job, I do not need it.” If the answer is positive, your attitude toward your job is healthy. If it is not, again, something has to change.

When I work with a new person, going through this exercise can be very enlightening. It is supposed to be. Not checking in with your stress levels from time to time can be as deadly as a heart attack. Stress is the main case of heart attacks, but you knew that.

So, to those who have never done a Stress Evaluation before, now is the time. Let’s connect (below) and we can see how your life can change, for the better. There is no fee for this service.

Michelle Elyn Hogan
Michelle Elyn Hogan
MICHELLE Elyn Hogan has been involved in sales and Marketing for most of her life. Network Marketing became a pastime early in her career when it was evident that her career would never reap a proper pension. So, over time, it has become her Mission to help as many people as she can, create a, “Plan B,” or, “Exit Strategy.” Over recent years, she has done extensive research to improve and reinvent her own business and in the process, maximize success rate and minimize fall off. Ethics and Integrity are all encompassing. She has recently been dubbed a, “Leader of Consequence,” living up to the reputation of taking that responsibility very seriously. Though located in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada, Michelle presently works daily in 43 countries as an Independent Business Owner.




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