Strengthen The Roots Before You Extend Your Reach

High-rise structures are stronger, with much deeper foundations to guard against shocks and strong gales. The roots of tall trees stretch far and deep into the soil to afford strength and stability. The birds of prey flying high into the air and carrying out a perfect sweep of their game have extraordinary eyesight. They can see far and uniformly deep under water.

The above examples reveal the obligation of creating strong grounds, stronger foundation, and increasing resilience into our career plan to face turmoil and transformations. Gone are the times of job security where your original assignment might be the final one. In today’s ultra-competitive labor market, your career switch three to four times is a valuable indication. Your multiple job changes demonstrate broader vision supported by an effective exposure to different operating conditions with varying skill-set.

The days of the General Practitioner’s occupation of easy diagnosis has evolved into more specialization focused for the high-earners. Today’s Personal Secretary is not a dictation clerk anymore. Most of them have multiple degrees from the university and then many computer skills it will put yesterday’s senior executives to shame. The same holds true for so many new job specifications. The present day managers do not bother as much about the candidate’s education level as practical work experience and flexibility. These applicants are constantly anxious to show their pursuit for learning. They are ready to pick up necessary abilities to match or even beat expectations.

Earning Post Graduate or Doctoral Degrees may bring somebody a position but it is not the objective because so much more remains unknown. Only when you go down into the pond that your swimming skills meet the test, not in reading books, thesis, and research papers. You want to develop endurance, practice, and power to swim in deeper waters over longer periods. Ask any Olympic Gold-Medallist Swimmer and match the answer. Constant practice reinforces the origins and sharpens the techniques to survive the strongest tests.

When you carry on from a narrower area to the one much larger, be prepared to sharpen your talents, prepare to persevere under stress, develop physical and intellectual dexterity, and the presence of mind to take quick decisions before the waves become dangerous.

You could be in business for yourself, your enterprise robust enough to stretch out to one new site. It is a natural feeling to take up the project with those nearest to you and seek their advice. Chances are your well-wishers will stand by your choice. Much to your sorrow and dismay, one of your dear friends tells you to carry out due diligence on two or three other locations. There is a greater emphasis that to consider the pros and cons with the accountant before jumping headlong into the extension.

You soon see yourself at an intersection where majority insists you move ahead while one of the dear friends wishes to forewarn you. It is difficult to discriminate between the two but the ball is in your court. You toss a coin and sign the contract for a site suggested by a close family friend. His/her family is familiar with the area residents; you admire and appreciate them and look up to their judgment as they lived in there for a long term and understand a thing or two.

Because you did not believe in delay entailed in due care, you simply omitted to question that town’s expansion projects over next several years. Less than six months after you did Grand Opening of your new business, a large competitor opens its location less than 500 meters from yours. They enjoy much stronger origins. Besides bigger buying capacity and advertising resource, they can win market turmoil with comparative efficiency. The competitor offers a lower price on the identical materials that you sell. The merchants offer them better cost and more radical return/refund/exchange options because of greater purchasing influence. How do you envision yourself in battling for local employees against their higher pay and incentives? The challenge of risking your limited power against a superior player matches the David and Goliath story thanks to your disregard for prior thoroughness.

How would you respond to the two camps of advisors previously privy to your resolve to grow? I will let you be the judge and the jury!

In another situation, a business manager with specific practice in fraud prevention handles sensitive situations as a matter of routine. This individual is familiar with the consequences and explanations of several fraudulent practices of various sections of employees, suppliers, contractors and/or even customers. If you were the HR Director looking to fill a Buyer’s position, can you safely regard this human being as a contender? I would express my doubts about it, not because he may not be a great prospect, but owing to the lack of specific talents in negotiating the best agreements with established vendors across different sectors.

So, where do you draw the line? Gain the knowledge, practice the trade, learn the ins and outs, do the drill before you throw your hat into the ring for that coveted job.

I believe: “It is better to be prepared and not get any opportunity than to land the opportunity and not be prepared.”


Bharat Mathur
Bharat Mathur
WHERE goal setting and systematically achieving each one of them has been the ‘Mantra’, where earning trust by delivering value has been an uncompromising principle and where deeply impactful experiences have made an indelible impression to look directly into the eyes of toughest problems and tackling them head-on has been a major cementing glue in the foundation, Bharat Mathur fits the bill, hands down! Creating value for others, out of the challenges his career in the “C” Suite kept throwing at him left, right and center, Bharat now finds solace in being a ‘Guide by Your Side’ rather than a ‘Sage on the Stage with An Eye on What You Buy’! Past 4 decades of Bharat’s life have been no less eventful than that of anyone else in similar circumstances. However, the way he lived from one challenge to another and stayed focused on his goal is clearly visible as much in his Coaching as in his #1 Best Seller Book: “you Are YOU-nique: Realize Your True Worth”! His next book project tackles ‘Internet of things’ (IoT) from the viewpoint of a layman and helps understand this fast-approaching revolution in simple, easy-to-understand language with live examples: “SMART PHONE + I o T = INCOMPARABLE OPPORTUNITIES” Nurturing a number of successful businesses, mentoring a lot more towards astronomical growth and helping them identify and eradicate trouble spots, Bharat has rightfully earned the nickname: ‘Achiever’ Send him Bouquets or Brickbats, Bharat loves it all!

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