Strategy With Passion by Christine MacNulty & Stephen R. Woodall

This book is a “how-to” guide that provides an easy and fast 11-step process for developing actionable strategic plans that organizations can implement immediately.   It takes the reader through a series of building blocks, recommending the techniques to be used at every stage so that a strategic plan is the inevitable result of going through these steps.   The book also discusses the pros and cons of various methods for conducting strategic plans, the potential and pitfalls of bringing in outside experts, and the timing and planning considerations for leadership strategic planning workshops.
Strategic planning should be easy and fun. After all, you’re developing the description of how to achieve the wonderful, creative vision that you have of your organization, no matter how large, or how long it has been in business. Yet so many leaders and their teams struggle with it, complaining that it takes too much time and effort, or that the strategic planning consultants they have brought in to do their planning for them don’t understand their business or are taking too long and costing too much. It shouldn’t be that way. Others question the validity of planning in these turbulent, fast-paced times, saying that if we can’t predict (which is generally true), then how can we plan?  Planning is not just about developing a vision or end-state; it’s about planning the journey to take you there.
We are passionate in our belief that strategy and planning are still the two most critical elements of an organization’s success, and we anticipate that our own perspectives and understanding will ignite the same passion in others—you, for instance! We want to show you that the planning process can be one of the most rewarding activities you can undertake, both intellectually and financially.



Christine MacNulty
Christine MacNulty
CHRISTINE MacNulty has forty years’ experience as a consultant in long-term strategic -planning for concepts as well as organizations, futures studies, foresight, and technology forecasting, technology assessment and related areas, as well as socio-cultural change. For the last twenty years, most of her consultancy has been conducted for the Department of Defense and the Services, NATO ACT, NATO NEC, the British Army’s Force Development & Training Command, and the German BBK. Prior to that her work was in the commercial arena where she had Fortune Global 500 clients. During the last thirty-five years Christine MacNulty has contributed methods and models for understanding social and cultural change through people’s values. She was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce in 1989. She is the coauthor of two books: Industrial Applications of Technology Forecasting, Wiley, 1971 and Strategy with Passion – A Leader’s Guide to Exploiting the Future, August 2016. Her paper: “Method for minimizing the negative consequences of nth order effects in strategic communication actions and inactions” was published in NATO Defence Strategic Communications Journal, p 99, Winter 2015. Two monographs “Truth, Perception & Consequences” (2007) and “Transformation: From the Outside In or the Inside Out” (2008) were published by the Army War College. Perceptions, Values & Motivations in Cyberspace appeared in the IO Journal, 3rd Quarter, 2009, and The Value of Values for IO, SC & Intel was published in the August 2010 edition of the IO Journal.