Stranger in the Night

It’s the wedding card that I always dream to see —he calls me and invites me to dinner but this time it’s a unique night, a night that gathered me with the person I always dream to marry. When I entered the place I realised that something impalpable was in the air perhaps his presence, prestige, his smile that shines like a ray of sunshine all over me. His eyes were sweet intriguing and deep, his soul connected with the place covered with the cherry blossom one of my favorite flowers and color.

The waiter pulls the chair and seats me on the table across me a pink napkin written by his handwriting… with a rush of air it was to fly away but I catch her … “ as long as it took … you are my heartbeat .. you are the ending of my book .. you are the thought that makes me smile … love you…”

I hear footsteps approaching from behind, he calls my name! —his voice penetrates past my ears, I notice that posture, I feel shy, his eyes crinkle in the corner as they follow me, and his lips seem to follow me,  And his lips seem to frown even when they aren’t! I can’t hide how impressed I am by him, he was a handsome gentleman, I can tell by his haircut and his side corner alone that he is the kind of me I am impressed with. I refused to feed his ego .. his eyes meet mine and just stare hard like all my secrets are right there on my face. He asked me to close my eyes, I was enjoying the wind against my face, there was a moment of silence, the song started from all corners opening my eyes !!!

Strangers in the night … exchanging glances, wondering through the night what were the chances we’d be sharing love. …

Jumana Anani
Jumana Anani
Jumana Anani holds a BA in Journalism and has a certificate in photography. A creative thinker, full of potentials and ideas. She works with entrepreneurs and has a background in SEO strategies. Jumana always asks mentors for their best piece of advice and captures the wisdom to help create a global commons of advice, a collaborative pool of wisdom that everyone can both contribute and gain from. We all have a unique path in our life, and we can all benefit from the knowledge of more experienced walkers ahead of us, who can guide us crossing the river.


  1. Oh dear Jumana- you are a romantic person. With such poetic words you expressed your love feelings such as “his eyes meet mine and just stare hard like all my secrets are right there on my face”.

    I have just sent a post to @BIZCATALYST titled “Intentions and Jumping Behavior” and ways to reveal intentions. You add an extra one here by saying that your secrets were there on your face.

    What I have on my face right now is bravo Jumana.