Stop Working So Hard: Signs That You Need A Vacation

We’ve all seen those social media posts with people posting their toes in the sand, holding onto a cocktail with an umbrella in it. We hate these people and yet why, oh why, are we not just doing the same? Far too many people worry about work too much to take their vacation time and that’s a shame, as there are so many physical and psychological benefits to taking a periodic break. As CEO of We Buy Houses Denver Nick says, “I make a point of taking a trip at least once a year to save my own sanity and the sanity of those around me. Employees who don’t take the occasional break are the ones you really have to worry about.”

You’ll return to work refreshed and more focused, ready to take on the task at hand. So if you’ve been feeling especially fatigued lately, it could mean it’s time to dip your own toes in that sand. Stop working so hard—read on for signs that you need a vacation.

You’re Addicted to the Snooze Button

Do you press the snooze button when you’re heading out to a Hawaiian vacation? It’s not likely. If you’re doing it on the regular for your work days, chances are you desperately need that vacay … and to catch up on some Zzzzs. When you return to work, recharged and ready to get back at it, chances are you’ll ease up on that poor, overused snooze button.

You’re Losing Your Temper Far Too Often

If your fuse is suddenly shorter than usual, chances are you need a vacation. Things that didn’t and shouldn’t bother you have begun to get under your skin at home and at work. This is a risky proposition in the workplace and just a sad state of reality for those who share your home with you. It’s likely that the stress of not getting time away from your desk is what’s causing you to be short-tempered, so that vacay, okay? This is particularly true for those who may feel like they’re on the verge of quitting. Take some time off and reevaluate when your mind is clearer.

You’re Making Mistakes

Even if you’re usually a typically type A perfectionist at work, you could ultimately make some crucial mistakes due to being overworked and, frankly, overtired. You might think you’re doing your boss a solid by letting that vacation time lapse but it could be just the opposite. You’ll be more on the ball and less likely to make mistakes when you’ve had time away to relax and unwind.

You’re Getting to Work Late

Have you been arriving to work later than usual far too often? Chances are, this is a big sign that you need a vacation. Whether it’s a deliberate action because you’re dreading your day there or it’s your subconscious at work, this is never a good sign. Wouldn’t you rather take that vacation and return to work refreshed and ready to arrive when you’re supposed to? Yeah, we thought so. You—and your boss—will be better off for it.

You’re Having a Hard Time Focusing

Finding yourself daydreaming a lot while at work? Not only that but we’ve all been the “victim” of the social media rabbit hole. “Oh, I’m just going to take a peek on Facebook and see what’s going on,” we often tell ourselves. Ten minutes later, you don’t know what time it is or what country you’re in. It’s a common pitfall for all of us but much more likely to happen if you’re already feeling burned out at work. Take the break you need and you won’t believe how much more laser focused you’ll be once you return to your office.

Your Attitude is Bad … Very, Very Bad

Attitude is all we have that’s truly under our control but it can feel like it’s getting out of our grasp when we are overworked and overtired. It seems like an insurmountable task trying to turn it around if you’re working full days (and sometimes more), day in and day out. A bad attitude is bad for you and bad for company morale, and could even affect your ability to collaborate with your co-workers. Do we need to say it again? Take the vacation already.

If you’re one of those people who needs a bit of a push to take vacation, consider this a healthy shove. Trust us—your family and co-workers will thank you.

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