Steps You Should Take to Overcome Difficult Times

Life is something that’s full of ups and downs so you have to embrace it because that is the law of nature. As a human being, your expectation is that life should be sweet and full of good memories without pain. But the thing is that even happiness has a price and you must pay the price to get the prize. 

Challenges are there to make us better and the best version of ourselves not to destroy us. It all depends on your mindset and how you see the world because when you look at the earth, there are things that happen to make you understand things about life. 

All the natural disasters signify the difficult times the earth is having while the calmness of the seas and rays of the sun to bring light to the earth signifies the good times. That’s why when you want to understand why some things are happening in life you have to study nature. But everything doesn’t have to be the way it is as far as you take some actionable steps which I will explain below.

Cultivate a growth mindset: Our mindset does matter when we’re in difficult times because it is going to determine whether we will get out of the situation or not. You don’t have to look at the negative side but the positive side. That’s why we should train our minds to see things from different perspectives. When you have a closed mindset and one that isn’t willing to learn, you will miss a lot of things in life. 

Difficult times are seen as learning times because each pain you experience is teaching you. But that pain is a gift because it becomes wisdom you’ve acquired through learning. As you learn from each experience you will make sure you don’t commit the same mistakes to make sure you don’t experience the same pain. The mind is something you use to achieve anything in life only when you’re ready to stretch it and bring it out of its comfort zone.

Develop focus: Developing focus is about putting your concentration on a certain goal until you achieve it. You have to avoid all kinds of distractions that come your way to disrupt you from achieving your goals. Distractions can come from family members, peer pressure, and unnecessary pleasures of life which you’ll only enjoy for a short period of time. 

All these things come to you as obstacles to achieving your goals. Focus isn’t something that is easy because it deals with a lot of sacrifices. You need discipline to develop focus because you can lose motivation on the way but discipline makes you stay focused. You’re making progress each day you apply focus to your life because it makes the forces of the universe bring you your heart desires. Focused people achieve great things.

Live your values: Your values are things that guide you to make decisions in life. It is what gives you direction on where you want to go. You’ll think you’ve to go out of the norm to overcome those challenges but you’re actually putting yourself into more trouble by doing that. The more you deviate from your values the longer the journey to be successful. By living your values you become stronger to face any challenge that comes your way.

Resilience: All great things are achieved when you become resilient. No one is born a resilient person. It is the difficult times that make you resilient. All successful people are resilient people. Do you know that you need strength to sustain success? If you don’t follow these steps of resilience to develop that strength you’ll lose your ground when you become successful because you won’t be able to sustain it.

Patience: Patience is the revealer of things. It is another way of getting strength. When you lack patience you’re losing the game because each thing that happens serves a purpose. You know your strengths and weaknesses and also the character of people. You develop great character traits which you would be proud of and it will also mold you to become the best version of yourself. Which of the steps resonates with you the most during your difficult times?


Precious Mumzumi
Precious Mumzumi
My name is Precious Luther Mumzumi. I am a personal development coach, someone who is passionate about leadership, at the same time an inspirational writer. My passion for sharing my knowledge and wisdom with the world led me to author the book "Precious Insights". I am someone who enjoys reading, writing, teaching, spending my time alone, and also engaging myself in intellectual talks. As a futuristic person, solving global issues has always been my passion. Spending time studying and trying to proffer a solution gives me joy and I can even lose track of time so far I am on my accomplishment track. "Thinking," they say is one of the hardest tasks in the world but I prefer it to physical exercises. Mental actions such as meditation, and critical thinking are my calming and exciting moments. I love to visualize and imagine what the future would look like and that tickles my creativity. Precious is an ardent believer in investment in personal development because it births great achievements. You have to develop yourself first before you think of developing other people and society at large. Out of my inquisitiveness and firm belief, I idolize reading books that deal with self-development, psychology, leadership, and politics for my growth and valuable impact on society. When I was the deputy head prefect back in my secondary school I was awarded the best prefect of the year because of my hard work and dedication to societal development. Some of my core values are hard work, integrity, and discipline. I make sure I use my skills of writing, teaching, and leadership to impact and inspire society. I currently live in Nigeria, Adamawa State and I am available for writing, teaching, and coaching.

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