Staying True to One’s Heart

Staying true to your heart entails staying true to yourself and your values. The moment you’ve stopped living your values that means you have stopped staying true to your heart. You might be hurt by the challenges of the world which wants to make you change and stop living your values. When you succumb to it then you’ve stopped staying true to your heart. That’s even more reason to stay true to your heart in times of adversity because you’re building strength. The strength that you need when you become successful because for you to sustain success you need strength. 

Staying true to your heart unleashes the potential in you to make an impact in society. Your potential is something in you that is hidden only when you stay true to your heart before you unleash it. One thing you should understand is that you can only impact people only when you stay true to your heart. It is so valuable that it needs authenticity to show its light. You attract that which would lift you up and the forces of the universe would pave the way for you to fulfill your purpose. It gives you the strength to persistently do things that align with your purpose on earth. 

The greatest strength you have is the one that comes from within and you can only possess such strength when you stay true to your heart. Do you know that staying true to your heart shows strength? You only make a difference when you stay true to your heart. Many people have been led astray and also influence others to follow the wrong path. It has led many to lose direction which would give their lives meaning. But when it comes to your own case, you refuse to be led astray and you stay true to your values. Do you know that you need to stay true to your heart to make a difference? Remember that strength comes from within when you stay true to your heart. It is not easy as it is written until you have the experience.

Staying true to your heart is what leads to transformation. Transformation is a journey that only the strong can take because only then can stand the test of time. In that period you pass through the fire which would refine you to become the best version of yourself and also take you to great heights in life for you to shine. When you look at the gold or the diamond it must first of all be melted in fire then it becomes liquid before it is molded to the desired shape and then becomes strong. That’s a transformation for you. 

Our minds and hearts are very important in the period of transformation because only when your heart is true before your mind would be renewed. The result of your transformation depends on the extent to which you stay true to your heart. The moment you stop staying true to your heart in the transformation process you’re losing some vital elements that would mold you to your true self. Many people don’t want to take the transformation journey because they know they aren’t true to their hearts. There are many challenges you would encounter on the way to transformation but as you stay true to your heart, you will overcome every obstacle that comes your way because you’re stronger than it. 

Do you know that after discovering your purpose before you fulfill your destiny you must stay true to your heart?

All actions and decisions that you take are geared towards fulfillment of your destiny. When you look at leaders like Martin Luther King Jr, Nelson Mandela, and Mahatma Gandhi, they were all people that had great destinies. They had to overcome all challenges that came their way and remain focused towards fulfilling their destinies and they were able to do that because they stayed true to their hearts. Do you think they would have been able to fulfill their destinies if they hadn’t stayed true to their hearts?

Think about your goals, dreams and ambitions, purpose, mission, vision, and all things you could ever think of that would make you into that complete being that would leave a legacy for the world to remember and be thankful for. Such things can only happen when you stay true to your heart. So I will leave you with this question in mind to ponder. Ask yourself “Who have I become as a result of staying true to my heart?


Precious Mumzumi
Precious Mumzumi
My name is Precious Luther Mumzumi. I am a personal development coach, someone who is passionate about leadership, at the same time an inspirational writer. My passion for sharing my knowledge and wisdom with the world led me to author the book "Precious Insights". I am someone who enjoys reading, writing, teaching, spending my time alone, and also engaging myself in intellectual talks. As a futuristic person, solving global issues has always been my passion. Spending time studying and trying to proffer a solution gives me joy and I can even lose track of time so far I am on my accomplishment track. "Thinking," they say is one of the hardest tasks in the world but I prefer it to physical exercises. Mental actions such as meditation, and critical thinking are my calming and exciting moments. I love to visualize and imagine what the future would look like and that tickles my creativity. Precious is an ardent believer in investment in personal development because it births great achievements. You have to develop yourself first before you think of developing other people and society at large. Out of my inquisitiveness and firm belief, I idolize reading books that deal with self-development, psychology, leadership, and politics for my growth and valuable impact on society. When I was the deputy head prefect back in my secondary school I was awarded the best prefect of the year because of my hard work and dedication to societal development. Some of my core values are hard work, integrity, and discipline. I make sure I use my skills of writing, teaching, and leadership to impact and inspire society. I currently live in Nigeria, Adamawa State and I am available for writing, teaching, and coaching.

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