Starting Off On the Right Professional Foot: 5 Reasons a Virtual Business Address Matters

Are you considering a virtual address for your business? Dish up a whopping piece of peace of mind, knowing virtual business addresses from providers like iPostal1 are an excellent idea for businesses of all sizes.

If you aren’t familiar with virtual business addresses, these street addresses serve as an alternative to security-compromising home addresses that can put your brand credibility to question. Typically, virtual addresses are tied to mail centers or office buildings that collect mail for various businesses. With a virtual business address, business owners can manage mail, ditch distraction-fueling clutter, and optimize employee productivity for a reasonable price.

But what is the purpose of a virtual business address? And what are the reasons a virtual business address matters? Let’s find out!

Protect your personal privacy

One of the most popular reasons a virtual business address matters is it upholds your privacy. As a business owner, you must keep your professional and personal lives separate and avoid intertwining work and play.

If you run an online business or work remotely, actively prying apart business and pleasure is all the more critical. Without a virtual business address, business owners might find themselves between a rock and a hard place, forcing them to list their home address as their business address. To receive business mail without risking your safety or privacy, invest in a virtual business address.

Start receiving packages immediately

Yet another benefit of a virtual business address is that it boasts superior time efficiency compared to alternative options. Did you know that when you set up a P.O. box, it often takes about a week for your mail to start being delivered there?

With a virtual business address, you can streamline mail processing and stay on your game. In most cases, delivery services will go into effect a day after setup.

Deal with less physical pieces of mail

When you sign up for a virtual business address, you will receive fewer physical copies of your mail. Instead, you will be able to access digital versions of your mail, leaving you with less paper waste and clutter.

Utilize a virtual check deposit feature

Virtual business addresses often come equipped with an incredibly convenient feature known as virtual check deposits. Virtual check deposit features make it easier than ever to deposit money into your checking accounts, freeing up time in your schedule for more pressing business matters.

If you receive a check in the mail, you can digitally deposit that check into your account without ever having the check in hand. That way, there’s no need to make the trek to your local bank.

Register your address with Google My Business and Yelp

A great way to increase the credibility of your business is to register your company’s physical address with Google and Yelp. However, to do that, you need a physical address tied to your company. Fortunately, a virtual business address makes that possible.

Before you go

Now that you know some of the reasons a virtual business address matters, it’s time to look into your options and narrow down your top picks. After securing a virtual business address, you can watch your startup reach its full potential firsthand.

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