Starting a Hair Loss Clinic

Even though hair fall problems are quite common, it can still strongly affect the personality and mental health of a person. Which as a result, makes millions of people around the globe resort to hair loss clinics for treatments. If you’re also planning to become a part of this big industry, then it’s worth looking at categories of clinics in Turkey to gain a deeper insight into how it works.

With that said, this guide is going to walk you through why this business is booming, along with the basics of how you can start your own clinic.

Why is Hair Loss Business Booming?

Recently, the global market has seen a surge in the hair loss industry and that’s because of evident reasons. More than 50% of American men face the problem of hair loss after crossing 50 years of age. Alopecia areata, male-patten baldness, being the major cause of the problem.

On the other hand, women are not spared by the rub. In the US, around 30 million women are facing the issue of hair fall. For the gender, androgenetic alopecia is the common cause targeting women between 12 to 40 years of age.

Hence, this widely spread problem demanded rapid solutions. While Minoxidil and Finasteride were presented as reliable remedies, studies show that they are quasi-effective. Consequently, volumes of people seem to be turning toward a hair transplant that is a valid solution to baldness.

3 Ways to Earn Strong Position in the Hair Loss Industry 

1.     Always Stay One Step Ahead

Since you are not the only one aware of the popular demand for hair transplants, finding competitors in your vicinity is a possibility. Therefore, in order to stand out in the market, you need to enter with a strong business plan.

The business plan not only provides for cost estimation but also covers the important details regarding competitors, the most received treatments, target customers, and eventually the desirable location.

This prior planning will grant you the confidence to establish a clinic on strong grounds. Also, it will be guiding you about what’s coming next and how you can cope with it. If you have cash in hand, taking suggestions from a business consultant to design the plan is best. Nonetheless, no need to worry if you have a tight budget. One can formulate a solid plan through free business templates available online.

2.     Present a Team of Skilled Personnel

To leave a long-lasting impression on the patients, you must come up with qualified surgeons and an active management team. Making swift appointments, coordinating with the patients professionally, and smartly conveying the attractive features of the clinic are some of the measures the management should adopt.

After landing the customers’ attention, an experienced surgeon is all you need to kickstart a successful clinic. If you are not one, try finding someone with adequate qualifications and experience. Having a skilled doctor is quite critical as the whole surgery relies on how skillfully the hair follicles are moved without overharvesting or poor graft handling.

3.     Adopt Modern Marketing Strategies 

The key to business growth is the dissemination of necessary information. Earlier, marketing techniques were plain such that anyone could manage to promote their work. But with time, multiple marketing channels requiring diverse strategies have evolved.

Now, you can advertise your clinic using social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook. Investing in pay-per-click ads or email marketing campaigns are other suitable options.

Besides, publishing flyers, pamphlets, or newspaper advertisements is still in practice. Hence, to cover all promotion ideas, hiring a marketing agency is apt as they are well-aware of current trends.

The Way Forward  

Hair transplant clinics are undoubtedly a growing business around the globe. But, with multiple entrepreneurs trying their luck in this industry, your chances of success are bright only if you have a realistic business plan and modern equipment available.

Although, FUT and FUE are the two surgeries performed, offering advanced techniques like DHI or ARTAS can attract more patients. In brief, keeping a check on recent developments in the field helps in running a long-term and flourishing franchise.

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