Start With One Tiny Habit To Enjoy Life

by Debra Arko, Featured Contributor

CAN ONE TINY HABIT at a time make you healthy? I believe this is possible and easy. I am not the only person who feels this way. BJ Fogg did a fantastic video for TED Talks.

In this video, you will learn how to take one small step at a time to reach your maximum potential. This isn’t just about health, you can apply the knowledge to relationships, physical activity, and your spiritual path.

My favorite story in this video has to do with flossing only one tooth. Watch the funny reaction of the audience to this event. BJ Fogg keen interest in behavior is apparent as he takes us on an enlightening journey into who we are and how easy re-inventing yourself can be.

What Tiny Habit Are You Ready To Change?

Using one tiny habit at a time, you can make it easy to crowd out things you want to change. One habit I changed was my desire to stop eating bread at every meal. Instead of trying to stop altogether at first, I only chose to eat it less often and ate more healthy foods as a replacement.

Lunch was when I removed bread. I eat my chicken salad on a bed of lettuce instead, and I increased the amount of other vegetables like celery one of my favorites.


I am careful with fruit because of the high sugar content. I drink tea so I added a banana on the side. It sounds odd, but Ginger Pineapple tea and fruit is fantastic as a mid-afternoon snack.

Another tiny habit I started; eating more often and smaller meals. People in Europe have done this for centuries and they don’t struggle with weight as much as Americans.

Are you ready for TEDTV? Watch the video and then continue reading some ideas you can use to create wellness.

Wellness A Path To Longer Life

I hope you enjoyed the video and you’re thinking of one tiny habit you would like to ‘add’ to your life. Maybe it’s about food. It can be eating one more serving of vegetables daily. Perhaps it’s about relationships. Just saying I love you to a dear one once a day could be your goal. It could be smiling at a stranger once a day.

Healthy Life purchased Fotolia copyrighted. The Smile – A Tiny Habit

I had a patient who did this. She came in complaining about other people. My suggestion was to find one person that frustrated them each day [she was easily irritated] and to take a deep breath and then smile.

“Kary” was motivated. Her employer had noted a few complaints. After one week, she returned. At first she was quite, looking down at your folded hands. Then she told me how angry she was at herself. You see, she was irritated with herself. Sometimes others are a mirror for us.

Now Kary had started smiling at people and breathing when they did something that bothered her. She was troubled by things people did; she secretly didn’t like these traits about herself. Kary decided to start coaching along with her acupuncture visits. Together we were able to use emotional acupuncture therapy to help her relax, and sleep better. Health coaching had a significant impact for Kary; she was able to use the mindset skills to enhance her happiness!

 Tiny Habits For Mindset

MindsetYou can do this with your mindset too. Start with your attitude for instance. So what if you told yourself you were awesome once a day? This simple statement can take life inside you and help you have more happiness. How about the one tiny habit of walking every day and agreeing to feel more energy daily can it actually work? You’ll have to try to find out but first watch this fun and provocative video first!

Make each day be a tiny step toward a healthier you. It’s not a big change that wins the day it’s those tiny habits that help us be happy and have more energy. Whether your health is excellent or you’re feeling at a loss for how to start making changes happen. Have fun doing it and know we here at Accent On Health, care about you! Take action and Start With One Tiny Habit.

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Dr. Debra Arko Novotny
Dr. Debra Arko Novotny
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