Start The Parade (Let Go, Let Go, Let Go) Part III

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AS I BEGIN THE FINALE of this unintended three-part article series based around the theme of letting go of hate that I am intertwining with the massacre that occurred in Paris, France last weekend and the not surprising confirmation from Russian President Vladimir Putin that the A321 Airbus which was the Russian Airliner that exploded in mid-air was the work of ISIS or another Islamic splinter terror organization comes word from The Washington Post that Abdelhamid Abaaoud the suspected architect of the Paris attacks is dead according to two senior intelligence officials. Start the parade!

Editor’s Note: See Part I and Part II of Joel’s Series

Last evening a raid was carried out on an apartment building in France was carried out as it was believed that several of the men who were holed up were suspects. At least two suspects were killed and a couple of police officers were wounded. It is not immediately clear how Abaaoud died-whether in police gunfire, by his own hand or in a suicide blast triggered by a woman in the apartment. Let Go, Let Go, Let Go!

As these events were unfolding a somber steely blue eyed dressed in dark suit presided over a moment of silence in commemoration of all those killed in both hate based terror attacks Vladimir Putin who has now established himself as the preeminent world leader addressed the Kremlin to announce that as stated earlier that a bomb loaded with TNT detonated on the plane causing it to break apart in mid-air was indeed the cause. In the ensuing moments of his address stepped up air strikes were taking place in northern Syria while plans were being formulated to step up the precision air-raids in the name of retribution. Those who caused death will be hunted down no matter where they are on the planet and brought in to face punishment. The hate the perpetrators of this heinous crime generated led to a revenge driven attack of more hate. Let Go, Let Go, Let Go.

In a strange twist of fate ISIS or ISIL as they are also known has led to noticeably warmer relationships between two adversaries in Obama & Putin. While Obama steadfastly clings to his fantasy that progress is being made in fight against terror he did momentarily come out of the clouds to join welcome Russian participation in the anti-terror campaign but would not commit to any further US engagement. ISIS has been broadcasting threats of terror laden violence in Washington, D.C. putting Obama in the uncomfortable position of needing to “partner” with Putin to save face in his own country. Obama’s rugged apparel photo shoots were a mirage painted to con the American people into thinking he was a tough leader when in fact he has less leadership qualities than that of a new-born baby. Obama is afraid the very people he not so secretly supports will betray him and kill him.

French President François Hollande has ordered up even more intense bombing raids than the ones initially carried out in the days following the attacks while urging the United States and Russia to join his country in an expanded role that may include “boots on the ground.” Each of these three possesses sophisticated military weaponry that they prefer to use on their terms without sharing the skies of war with other countries. Russia rarely (if ever) will join forces with another country. The US in the past (the war in Afghanistan) has worked with “coalition partners.” Start the parade!

In parts of Afghanistan children are raised to be suicide bombers. Scenes of young innocent children being taught that it is right to hate and kill Jews, participate in decapitations and so forth are frighteningly common place. Breeding children to become the new wave of killers makes most parents sick to their stomachs. How do we stop these people from spewing hate to their children? If these children start killing at a young age (they do) how do we stop ourselves from hating them? Let Go, Let Go, Let Go.

One of the suspected murderers in Paris was so hated by his own family that when they first learned (it turned out to be a false report) he had been killed fighting for ISIS joyfully celebrated his death. Can any normal parent even begin to fathom how it feels to be happy when one of their children have been killed ? This is part of the twisted culture in the world today. Rejoice in death while treating a new life as a potential new soldier to be used as a pawn for some soon to be started misguided war to conquer someplace they have no real interest in.

Just prior to the start of the barrage of fire the words “let’s go” were sent out as a text message from one of the attackers cell phone. No hesitation, no thought of what and why are we doing this but a dogged determination to carry out a mission they had been given in exchange for a great prize they will be promised but never receive. Their only “reward” is to lie on the ground and watch themselves drowning in their own blood. Let Go, Let Go, Let Go!

Across the globe many mini-wars are being fought with no shortage of ways to kill others or get them to kill you in order to cause more imbecilic words to be spoke by people like John Kerry who liken or blame incidents such as the one in France on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Peace loving states such as Israel do not cause nor look for conflict. If anything the reverse is true. Start the parade!

As the temperature of the boiling waters of hate rise beyond the lids of their pots we are haunted by the question will the time come where the deadliest weapons known to and created by man are used to obliterate an entire nation. This question will linger until somebody figures out a way to keep hate from turning into violence.

Those who kill must be killed! Those who help those who kill must be punished in the harshest of ways. Let go of the notion of sympathy for these type of people. Yet despite this disgustingly strong statement there is a part of me that hates to hate. A family member of mine was killed years back in a brutal barbaric manner. When the sub-human was caught and revealed somehow I could not bring myself to hate him or wish that he be executed as he deserved. Let go, Let Go, Let Go, let go of your hate.

The end result of all this killing will be what is predetermined to be and will end when it is supposed according to plan. Still I hate death! Death scares me even if it is caused by disease. Death no matter how natural brings on powerful emotions of hate.

If it appears I am going back and forth between tow radically different feelings it is because I am torn internally by different emotions. Let Go, Let Go, Let Go , just let go! Start the parade!


Joel Elveson
Joel Elveson
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