Being an influencer has become a dream job for a lot of people, with the idea of spreading their opinion as a career being extremely appealing. Of course, though, this sort of role is far more complicated than simply posting to social media and making money out of it; these modern celebrities have to work very hard before they make a profit. So, how exactly do influencers make their money?

Sponsorship Deals

The most common income source of an influencer comes from direct sponsorship deals. This is where a brand pays the influencer to make content on their behalf, often coming in the form of editorial-style reviews or product overviews. It’s illegal for the influencer to hide this from their followers, though, and you will be able to see which content is sponsored when you visit their pages. This sort of agreement is usually organised organically, with one party approaching the other through instant messaging on the apps which they use.

Events & Merchandise

Over the last few years, numerous influencers have held their own conventions with the hopes that they will attract a large portion of their fans to it. These events sell tickets, merchandise, and other items which will make the influencer money but will also cost a huge amount to get started, making them into a significant risk. A lot of influencers will also sell things through their own websites. This has made some individuals extremely wealthy, though it can backfire if you’re not careful.


For a lot of the most prominent influencers you see around the web, their work in the public eye is only a small portion of what they have to offer to the world. Some will offer coaching services, teaching others how to become an influencer. Others will offer more specialised services, though, like helping companies to market themselves or work on their SEO. Selling things like this is only possible when you’ve proven that you can make it successful for yourself.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has only been on the scene for a few years. In that time, though, it has dominated the retail industry, with companies like Commission Factory offering good returns to investors who push customers through their doors. All an influencer has to do to make this work is give out a link to an online store. When a fan buys something using it, the influencer will receive a small kickback, often making them far more money than the time and effort they put into it.

It makes sense that so many people like the idea of living the influencer lifestyle. In reality, though, many of the images you see on websites like Instagram are heavily dramatised, and the lives which these people live are surprisingly down to earth. If you want to get into a field like this, it’s worth doing it for the right reasons. Most people have expertise which they can share, and this gives you something to build your online presence around, rather than simply living the right kind of life.

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