Standing Up for Peace: What Will YOU Do?

World peace can be achieved when, in each person, the power of love replaces the love of power.

–Sri Chinmoy

With all we’re witnessing happening in our world today, I’ve been feeling a hard pull on my heart to write about the subject of peace. I have admittedly used my busyness as an excuse not to write this for far too long. I can no longer sleep at night.

We have experienced many times before in our lives this feeling of unrest, divisiveness, selfish motives, greed, and perceived power. Rulers, ruthless leaders throughout history have killed under the guise of protecting their land, their resources, but ultimately their power. I ask you are these people killing not only to protect their own power, but to assert their position of control in and amongst the people and our world? I’m compelled to ask them, is it really worth sacrificing human lives, the lives of innocent children and babies in the name of anything or anyone being? Is any act of violence really worth that to you no matter your personal gain or loss? What force is it that allows this need to control and greed to succeed? Why has human suffering become commonplace, so much so that we turn away from it in denial, laziness, and ignorance?

I remember being a young child in the ’60s in America.

We stood up every morning in our schoolrooms, placed our hands on our hearts while reciting the Pledge of Allegiance facing our flag, a symbol of freedom, peace, unity, and strength. Of a people who are free, united as one…we stand no more. Why? Because of our religious, political, and other differences, we are no longer united as one people under one God. No longer free to be able to feel safe, even in our own homes, burying our babies.

I ask you, are we still that nation of the free and home of the brave? If not, can we be? Can all nations be?

Tears come welling up in my eyes at this moment. I can no longer contain them or the unwillingness to stand up for what is right and good for all people everywhere. It’s almost too much, surreal. I bow my head in silence and pray.

I remember our brave soldiers, leaving their lives and families at home, going off to war at the young age of 18, fighting and dying for a cause they never truly understood. I remember our President being murdered in a car, half of his head blown off in front of millions, and being replayed over and over and over again on our black and white TV sets. As children during that time we were scared, filled with fear, confused, not understanding the scenes being openly committed and displayed in front of our very eyes every day. What had happened to our peace, the unconditional love of a God we learned about in Sunday schools all across our great nation? We asked and pled for answers. Our parents, teachers, leaders, no one could explain it to us. We were sad, devastated. We still are.

We have seen and experienced many instances in our lifetimes since then of senseless attacks, countless shootings of our children in their schools, huge towers collapsing into heaps of rubble and smoke billowing up all around, thousands dead. Why? I implore you to tell me why?

The purpose of this article is not for us to dwell on what has happened in the past and these horrific experiences due to our differences and dualities. It is to question how we as a people can re-unite, come together, put all of our differences aside and create a lasting change for peace, harmony, love for ALL human beings. Whether or not you watch the news, sit at home and hide your eyes from a burning reality that exists all around us today, WE must do something different NOW! And you know it.

This is a call to action from all people in this and all other countries both near and far. Whether you’re directly in the line of fire or not, we can no longer sit idly by in our glass homes or castles we have built around us as false protection, in denial of what is happening all around us. People are becoming overwhelmed and getting hooked on opiates to dull their pain, suicide rates are at an all-time high. We are not a people of peace within ourselves. And I believe this is where it starts. But peace within ourselves is not enough. We must create peace exterior to ourselves now. We must do whatever we can to stop this unnecessary suffering and death from spreading. And start to heal from our heartbreak.

When will it stop? Or, will it ever? Only we, you, me, can make a difference. Please tell me we can and you will help. Will you? Isn’t it time?

I am calling all of you to get up, burst out of your bubbles and comfort zones, help us spread peace and love.

You may call me an “old hippie” and that’s okay I’m good with that. Whether we sit around in a circle wearing flowers in our hair and tie-dyed tee shirts bearing the peace sign, passing the peace pipe, playing old Beatles songs I don’t care. However, it looks for you, just do something, now, please. We must start talking and not just talking but listening, really listening to each other. We must find a common ground. This is a plea for peace.

It’s time to come together people. It’s time to smile upon our brother, a time to put all greed and selfishness aside. We can no longer turn a blind eye. Stop the competition amongst our peers, the warring of lawyers in the courtrooms over cups and saucers, the backstabbing and harshly judging of people we don’t know, the bickering between brothers and sisters, you parents of young children. This must stop now before we self-destruct!

I ask you, what can you/we do today together in unity again to create a movement of peace, of compassion, and understanding of love not hate in our shared communities? Our children and grandchildren deserve more than what they too are seeing, feeling, experiencing even in their very own homes.

Whatever we do today, wherever we are in the world, we can start a ripple effect that will affect the generations to come. It starts with us, my friends. It is time.

I ask you again, what are you willing to do today?

We’re calling on leaders of this and all other communities, influencers on social media platforms, all lawyers, all politicians, and religious leaders, members of groups making a difference. We all must stand up for peace, love, our values, and life itself. Let us know you care about your grandchildren’s future and the future of all children in the world today.

We are starting this movement and want to hear from you. All ideas as to how this might take form and what that might look like are welcome. I’ve already enlisted the support of Eileen & Trevor Bild (OTEL Universe), Frank Zaccari, and Dennis Pitocco (360° Nation). If you are feeling a pull in your heart, a calling to help do something, let’s start the conversation by leaving your comments, ideas, and commitment below.

We need you, our world needs you, now more than ever before. Thanking you in advance.


Char Murphy
Char Murphy
I’m a 15-year former practicing attorney, now three-time book author, speaker, featured contributing author to such amazing organizations as, Motivation Champs, BIZCATALYST 360, P.O.W.E.R.(Professional Organization of Women of Excellence), REVIVAL Sanctuary for Women in Business, Breast Cancer Wellness Magazine. I’m Passionate about lending hope, inspiration, and empowerment through my writings and my spoken words for those who have fallen, lost on their path and questioning, why me, who am I now and why am I here I do this by sharing my story of abuse, thriving through breast cancer four times, losing my law career and practice, my newly remodeled home, my husband, my identity of “who I thought I was”. Pulling myself back up, taking a few deep breaths, dusting off...going deep within, consulting the inner alchemist we all are, to re-create and co-create with the universe myself anew. To transform and transcend all the many unknowns, to living my true passion and purpose. My greatest rewards in life have been born out of the thrill of knowing I have helped someone else struggling to get back up and finding their direction, purpose, and living their greatest dreams. To heal, with a renewed inner strength and power, knowing it was all meant to be. And being grateful for all of it. That’s the magic we as individuals and a part of humanity as a whole are capable of. Realizing that we are made up of those beautiful gems that lie waiting inside ourselves, that have always been there...just waiting to be discovered. I’m here now, to tell you, YOU ARE the Power. You have more resources, strength, courage, beauty than you can imagine right in your very beingness. Reach in and take hold of that wisdom and truth. Own it! Step out and up, love, and embrace fully the authenticity which IS you and always has been. And never let it go.

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  1. Dear Char,
    Thank you thank you thank you for invoking and nudging us all.
    While some of us are frustrated at having to be “spectators” to the most in-human acts in recent times, I do wonder what can be actually done? How does one raise voices…when Nations that could “speak- up” , are “Silent too” for fear of escalations.

    I read somewhere that: Fear and greed are two of the three great forces in the world, according to Einstein (the third is stupidity). I do claim “stupidity” in today’s times is equivalent to ‘Keeping Silent” in the face of Fear driven by greedy, control-freaks at the helm of nations.
    At a time when there is so much conflict in the world, it is essential that people learn to accept one another in ways that show tolerance for differing beliefs, practices and values.

    I agree…lets pray more…..pray that our voices be “heard” . And really, what is wrong with faith if the result is emotional resilience, heightened collective consciousness?

    Let’s not scoff at each other just because we may be on the other side of the fence. Who knows when times will change for us too?

    ( I like CYNDI WILKINS “super-fluidity” interpretation )

  2. Ahhh yes Cindy, thank you for your kind response.

    I agree with you on so many levels and especially align with the truth of changing the direction of planetary consciousness, through the inner power which we all do already possess. Though some still are not aware of this inner power.

    So it comes down to educating a global audience of this power we together can channel for the good, to empower and uplift, heal ourselves and others from within. And by beginning to educate people geared towards using this knowledge we can make the changes we seek in our outer world for love and peace.

    Are you interested in participating in a movement of this type? You may email me and I will put you on the list of others committed to doing the work as a community of like minded people to create the change we all hunger for.

    With love and gratitude
    [email protected]

  3. There’s a lot to unpack here Char (Charlotte) Murphy, Esq.

    Let me start by saying this…All of these events you mention, past and present, are played over and over in an attempt to trigger us. Mind hack 101.

    It engages our primitive nervous system and sends us straight into survival mode. We feel the threat of our outer environment like it’s knocking on the front door!

    When we are in this fearful and confused state, it weakens us…Then we are easy prey.

    We are all led to believe that power derives from somewhere outside of ourselves, but that is the ‘BIG LIE.’

    The real power, as you mention, comes from within…and it is enough IF enough of us are doing it. The secret is in the sauce…in this case, the ‘super-fluidity’ of collective consciousness.

    The moment enough of us re-direct our attention away from the problem and focus on peaceful solutions, we can change the direction of planetary consciousness.

    So I would implore everyone, do not saturate yourself with the news of the day…Saturate yourself with the love and kindness you will find right here. ❤