Stamping Out Common Workplace Incidents In Your Business 

84% of workplace incidents that result in workers taking time off are caused by just 3 different types of incidents, according to the latest statistics from the National Security Council (NSC). Lost work days cost businesses billions every year. And if the injuries sustained in your workplace are significant, you could find yourself with a hefty medical bill and legal claim on your hands. For these reasons, it’s crucial you do all you can to prevent these common workplace incidents from happening in your business.

Overexertion and bodily reaction 

The NSC reports that overexertion and bodily reaction is the cause of more than 31% of workplace incidents. This type of incident can occur in almost any industry, which is why it ranks number one. Common causes of these types of incident include lifting, carrying, pushing, bending, twisting, typing, and tool use.

As a business, it’s essential that you use ergonomics to make your workplace suitable for your staff. This should include alternating tasks between members of staff, providing regular rest breaks, and training your employees on correct lifting techniques.  Each state has different workplace health and safety rules and it’s crucial you follow yours precisely. For example, in Austin a zero accident and injury Safety Program is in place for contractors. So, if you fail to do your utmost to prevent an incident, your worker may turn to a workers comp attorney Austin who will work to get them compensation. This will particularly be the case if a personal injury is sustained.

Slips, trips, & falls

Most slips, trips, and falls in the workplace are preventable, whereas others are bad luck. But as slips, trips, and falls cause more than 27% of injuries and can even result in death, it’s essential that you do all you can to eliminate the likelihood of them occurring in your business. Safety equipment and full training must be provided to all your staff who use equipment that could lead to a fall, such as scaffolding or a ladder. Carpets and other flooring in your business must be appropriately laid and no items left on the ground. Stairs should have the necessary safety barriers and handlebars. Regular weather checks should also be done and you should avoid sending staff out to work in bad weather conditions.

Contact with objects and equipment

Your employees could be injured by a falling object, crushed between two pieces of equipment or from bumping into an object. The NSC reports that this type of incident typically results in 5 days off work.  A simple step you can take to prevent this type of incident from happening in your workplace is to provide safety equipment, such as hard hats and protective clothing, and ensure they are worn where necessary. Staff training on health and safety is crucial, too. It’s also important that you avoid storing and stacking items on high shelves.

Many businesses are putting themselves and their workers at risk by failing to put measures in place to prevent some of the most common workplace injuries. But as the consequences can be devastating for both parties, everything possible must be done to safeguard your employees.

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