Sprayers of Hope

During an exchange of messages between  Fay Vietmeier and myself, I suddenly wrote to her “you are a sprayer of hope”. Immediately afterward I questioned the reason that makes some people spray hope and others spray despair.  Our chests like a perfume bottle and the quality of perfume we fill in is the perfume that we spray to the world.

I pondered on the idea that if the fragrance bases itself on the experiences we have and our reactions to them. Even the same spray of perfume on different people may result Because of differences in body chemistry and odors, no perfume will smell the same on any two people.

The production of the perfumes of experiences for the same reasons may not be the same and even widely differ. One reason for this is the direct relationship between antifragility and wisdom. The more we are antifragile, the wiser we become and the greater the quality of the stored wisdom shall be.

Antifragility has many definitions. An outstanding definition is the one that Dr. Vincenzo De Florio shared in a post. In it, he wrote, “if it works by sensing the environment and by anticipating the future, also taking into account past behaviors, then it is antifragile”. Is not this the way to gain wisdom?

Antifragile people have the fragrance of experience based on their ability to learn, grow, and then spray their experience on others.

The more the world gets unpredictable, unstable, and complex the more we need to have predictability, stability, and simplicity within self.

People who feel black inside have collected little wisdom as they submitted to difficulties of life and sank in its dirty waters. Their perfume is contaminated and they tend to spray despair, black hopes, and weaknesses to the world. Those people exposed to these bad perfumes might be infected and they in turn start spraying the same low-quality perfume to the world.

Submission to the chaos that is prevailing in our lives is a sign of lacking the experience to turn it into wisdom. If we have chaos inside us, we only add to the chaos prevailing in our world making the dark more dark.

We need to be strong and antifragile inside to meet the outside challenges. They tend to group with similar people who feed each other with thinking that is more chaotic.

Instability inside cannot meet the challenges of our unstable world. We need to be stable to cope with these challenges and fill our chests with high-quality perfume of wisdom and understanding.

It is from the uncertainty of our chaotic world that we can acquire strength and wisdom. If our world was devoid of these challenges what wisdom, can we gain?

Just by asking if we have chaos inside how could we meet the chaotic world outside opens new possibilities? It is the realization that internal strength and antifragility is the way to be.

Remember that your words whether spoken or written are the perfume that you spray the world with. If you are chaotic inside then you shall spray a poor fragrance.

Build your internal stock of antifragility. This is an enduring and non-delectable source of strength so that you fill your chest with high-quality perfume. You shall then smell good and make your world smell good too.

A final note is what Harvey Lloyd wrote in a comment “Those with the wisdom of experience do not seek perfectionism”.

Wisdom is to ask for the possible.

 I dedicate this post to Dennis Pitocco who sprays hope for humanity using the best quality “perfume of words of wisdom”.


Ali Anani
Ali Anani
My name is Ali Anani. I hold a Ph.D. from the University of East Anglia (UK, 1972) Since the early nineties I switched my interests to publish posts and presentations and e-books on different social media platforms.

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  1. Very mature explanation of antifragility dear Aldo. You explained it so well and how antifragile behavior differs and goes beyond resilient behavior.

    So is your extension of the concept of antifragility to antifragile leaders who being assure of self, they can extend the same to their followers and teams. They inject trust, confidence, embrace of uncertainty and volatility, simplify the complexity of business by delegating assignments and enhancing collaboration.

  2. In an increasingly complex and unpredictable world, being resilient is not enough: we must take the path of antifragility. Antifragility is the capacity for functional and evolutionary adaptation (not just adaptation) to change, based on a proactive propensity towards the latter, which is not only not avoided but can, at times, be voluntarily sought. There is also a significant difference with the construct of resilience, which is characterized as an effective but basically static way of resisting change; antifragility goes beyond resilience and robustness. What is resilient resists stress and remains identical to itself; the antifragile, on the other hand, improves. Those who are antifragile, therefore, not only resist the shocks and unexpected events of life, but even benefit from them: growing, improving, strengthening.
    In the field of business, for antifragility it is necessary to go to work in advance, because the more I learn to develop critical thinking, a capacity to read the context, the more I am able to work with my collaborators passing from a control mode to a delegation, supporting a collaborative approach and open dialogue, entering the perspective of a thought aimed at continuous improvement which is nothing but the real key to anti-fragility.