Spiritual Ignorance: America’s Downfall? 

Many parents neglect to tell children that every human is born with extraordinary powers that can keep them safe and healthy. When teens lack a spiritual understanding, they may go down the rabbit hole of self-destruction.

Some teens are experimenting with sex when they are unprepared for any adverse emotional trauma that can follow. They may escape into drugs or become socially isolated. Children may become victims of bullies. Spiritually off-centered teens may follow a mob and feel entitled to steal, loot, or abuse others. We now have an epidemic of teen violence, including teen murders, self-harm, and suicide. How we teach children to live their lives can lead them to feel alone, isolated, and angry, or happy, empowered, and productive.

Parents should be on a mission to teach youth about their extraordinary powers and that freedom is an inner journey of learning responsibility and developing self-control!

Outside forces cannot control a self-empowered free spirit. For nearly 200 years, Americans never depended on other people to teach their children, expected the police to keep them safe, or for government to enrich them. People progressed over the centuries by listening to their inner wisdom, discovering hidden talents, and working together.

As parents, we are not responsible for what happened to us growing up in dysfunctional families. However, as adults, we are responsible for how we treat others and handle the hard knocks of life. Parents can stop the cycle of abuse and teach children we all have a conscience that convicts us when we lack a spiritual understanding of self. When we hurt others, we also hurt ourselves. We have a choice: we can absorb mistreatment and take it out on others or rise above it and thrive. Every day we make choices, and our choices create who we become.

We live in an age where misguided leaders are dumbing down schoolchildren and trying to control what Americans think and do. They are using fear to rule and divide us. Wolves in sheep’s clothing seek power and control to normalize the Woke Agenda, which includes teaching sex to elementary school kids and a Critical Race Theory curriculum. Most people know that we are all born male and female, but their message is that children can choose to be men or women. This is spiritual ignorance at its worst!

We the people, are not powerless if we work together to end spiritual ignorance!

So, how do we turn the page to responsible common sense? That will happen when we understand the power of a spiritual awakening that will create change. Children need to know how to discover self-love, forgiveness, and the power of a self-protective and empowering conscience that can keep them safe. Adults must work together to create caring communities that support neighbors building trust to reduce anger, fear, and social isolation.

Let’s speak up, support each other, and set a good example that can keep all families and children safe and healthy.


Stephanie L. Mann
Stephanie L. Mann
Stephanie Mann co-authored, Alternative to Fear: Guidelines to Safer Neighborhoods,” which helped launch the national “Neighborhood Watch” Program. Within 2 1/2 years, involved residents in her community (17,500 residents) decreased crime 48%, WITHOUT a local police department. Mann worked as a community leader, neighborhood organizer, county coordinator, state consultant and authored, “Safe Homes, Safe Neighborhoods: Stopping Crime Where You Live” (Nolo Press 1993) In 2010, while working in Richmond CA, with “Mother’s Against Senseless Killings,” Mann saw people too scared to be involved or report crimes. She wrote, “The Adopt-A-Block Guidebook,” with an easy-to-follow guide for existing groups and “My first steps to a safe neighborhood” for citizens. These booklets give individuals and groups the tools to reach out and bring people together to help each other. Stephanie started a homeless men’s support group while working with “The Mary Ann Wright Foundation” in Oakland CA. She recognized the need to support children at an early age and wrote, “Street Safe Kids: 10 Step Guide for Teens and Adults” (which has been used in after-school programs) to help youth grow strong from within to develop self-esteem and stay centered. Book available on The Safe Kids Now National website states, “Every child needs a healthy family and neighborhood to stay safe.” In partnership with the CARR Foundation, a binder, “Safe Neighborhoods: Access to a Healthy Community,” was created for city leaders to make neighborhoods safer for families and neighborhoods. Stephanie’s books strengthen families and can decrease the social isolation that fuels bullies, domestic violence, abuse, drugs, gangs, and other destructive behaviors.”

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