Spin the CD Doctor 

Family size is shrinking based on the size of the cereal box.
When I go to put gas in the car my stomach gets full of knots.
Is this how life should be when it’s hard to make ends meet?
No one waves hello as I’m driving down the street.
We’re all consumed with madness and ever-living doubt. 
Deep inside the weary bones, we simply want to shout.
Who can spin the bottle to bring us back to normal? 
Or wait, is it even possible to live inside that bubble?
For fantasy is gone now and this is the brutal truth.
Perhaps the songs I listen to will bring me back my youth.
I Spin the CD Doctor and suddenly I’m there; deep inside the basement without a need or care.
I didn’t really want or need to be a grown-up; I just wanted walls of music without the other stuff.
I could have been content with life inside that bubble. 
Instead, I had to live and find my own kind of trouble.
I have lived a life of good and strong, weak and sick, and narrow. 
Deep inside my body is blood and bones of marrow.
Without a doubt I know that God still has my back; He provides me everything and nothing do I lack.
The walls of thin are thick now and joy is in my heart. 
My life has been a good one from the end back to the start.

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Cindy J. Buechler
Cindy J. Buechlerhttps://creativejeanblossoming.wordpress.com/
My Poetry, Photography, and Journals hold treasure from grade school to high school to adult school, which I'm still attending ... just waiting for the final grade. Each layer of life reveals a new truth and with age, it becomes apparent that time is my greatest rival. My hope is to reflect with words and pictures that offer comfort, insight, and wisdom for a life well-lived with peace and tranquility in the end.


  1. Eva Marie, thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoyed it as much as I did writing it. Once those first words were out of the gate, I was off and spinning on an adventure with memories of my youth. I’ve been listening to a lot of music I grew up with, so it’s no wonder that it went from cereal, to gas, to there. 😎