As the countdown to the New Year begins, imagine being in a cockpit of a rocket. Ditch the reviews of the year. That’s looking back. You’ve learned your lessons. Now you’re about to accelerate…and fast!

So, with the benefit of some knowledge from ‘Major John’ (!), here’s your countdown to an even better year as your rocket fires up.

10 – Press the ‘Do it!’ button.
Yes, that’s right. You dreamed about accelerating your career or business. You did the research, so now is the time to stop talking and dreaming.
9 –   Launch the time wasters into hyperbolic orbit.
You know who they are. Send them on their way. Once they are in hyperbolic, there’s no more gravity for them to be pulled back to you. What can be ‘crater’ than that?
8 –   Deflect the BS merchants to Uranus.
Do I really have to explain this one? ;) I’d rather you ‘phone home.’
7 –   Watch the warning lights!!!
So you think you got rid of all those who try to pull you back, not to mention noise from those who love self-adulation? Like asteroids, they will continue to come at you. They usually hang out on social media. Zap them – and quickly!
6 –   Avoid turbulence.
Execute 8 & 7 with speed and stealth. We love Star Wars but no-one wants to see battle-related stars circling their heads. This is your future, not the Flintstone era. Save your rocket fuel for amazing discoveries.
5 –   Catch the feedback stardust.
Aliens, good and bad, will pop up. Be nice. Be friendly. They may do V signs, but don’t be a smarty pants by doing one back. Listen to the feedback from the good ones and do magic with their stardust. Ziggy would be proud of you!
4 –   Recalibrate and stay on course.
Ensure your crew members are motivated and inspire them. Don’t be a control freak. Hand the controls over and take frequent breaks. It’s called empowerment.
3 –   Gravitate to working smartly.
The universe is big but ‘not as we know it.’ You’re not God so get real. Aim high – but for the stars, you realistically wish to reach. You don’t want to end up in a black hole.
2 –   Decompress and give, even to the aliens.
You’ll get more oxygen helping others. Some aliens may not show their gratitude in the same way you do. That’s ok, lead by example.
1 –   Don’t forget to bounce!
Have a blast. (No, not that one. That comes next!) Remember to have fun. Bounce and celebrate each time you pass a planet. Enjoy your journey
0 –   Blast off and accelerate through excellence.
‘To infinity and beyond.’ (Don’t forget number 3! Roger that?)

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