Social Media Marketing Isn’t For Everyone; Here’s What You Need to Know!

The social media landscape is difficult to navigate, even for veterans, and taking a non-bias look at your marketing strategy isn’t always easy. Before you think of pulling out of the social media marketing game, it’s essential to critically examine why it isn’t working for you. Here are some reasons why your social media marketing efforts aren’t working the way you expected.

You Have No Goal or Purpose

In the social media landscape, you can just throw everything at the wall and see what sticks because you’ll be left with multiple failed campaigns and, if you’re lucky, one campaign that reached moderate success. The first thing you can do to understand what works and what doesn’t is to perform a social media audit on your social media’s presence.

While this can help determine what campaigns may work for you, it may not give you a clear vision of your company’s goals. Your customers may perceive you a certain way, but if your marketing or brand doesn’t fit that mold, it’s doomed to fail.

To get the results you want, write down some goals you would like to reach with social media marketing and stack that against your audit. With this knowledge, you can see where there is room for improvement and what is currently receiving clicks.

You Don’t Understand Your Community

Every single niche has a demographic that is more likely to purchase from them, and each of them has its own age, race, location, education level, and social community. Many brands don’t understand what community they’re trying to build, but you can research your potential customers by looking at your competition.

Your “community” should be made up of people who actively engage with your brand, not just people who only follow your pages. Research is crucial here, so keep up to date with your followers by asking them questions and starting polls.

You Don’t Understand Your Data

Successful marketing campaigns are made up of endless sheets of data. If you don’t understand what these metrics mean, it will be impossible for you to learn from your mistakes or see what sticks with your viewers. What makes data even more confusing is keeping up with trends and how your audience shops, but you can quickly break this cycle.

Familiarize yourself with software like Good Analytics and Facebook Insights to understand precisely what your efforts are producing. All social media websites let you view insights of an advertising campaign, so take advantage of these tools to market more effectively.

You Don’t Engage Consistently

Your customers want you to engage with them because it makes them feel heard. Social media algorithms choose what people see in their feeds, and one of the most successful ways to hit the front page is by receiving engagement from your customers. Engagements = more clicks = more cash flow, so always interact with any comment or share your customers’ post.

For persistent growth, you need to stay active and aware of what your audience wants, and there’s no better way to do that than keeping all eyes on your social media pages.

You Model Other Big Brands

Big brands don’t need to follow the rules because they already had a following before the internet, or they no longer have to use the rules to receive engagement. Brand equity doesn’t happen overnight, so smaller businesses need to stay crafty to develop clout. Never assume that people know you, even if you have thousands of active followers on your pages.

You can’t skip the years required to build brand equity, but you can remain consistent by spending time and money prospecting new clients and building awareness. If you accomplish this, you can slowly watch your brand grow into something consumers recognize.

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