Even though social media accounts all look very similar, there is myriad of subtle differences in the way casual users create their social media pages, and how business owners create their profiles and company pages. After all, your social media page or profile is an important aspect of your online presence, and for those who strive to be professionals, making online profiles is an issue that should be resolved meticulously.
Every detail matters, and you want every item that appears on your profile must correspond with your business policy; if you vouch for expertise, accuracy, and respect on your website, then those values must be reflected on each of your social media accounts, Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, LinkedIn etc.
However, these social networks also have their own differences, and even if you use the same pictures to create your profiles, the resolution of those pictures needs to correspond to the rules of that particular platform.

Social Media Image SizesSocial Media Images Sizes – Cheat Sheet was created by Firstsiteguide.com

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