Social Media: Are You Entitled?

Social Media is not perfect nor without pitfalls nor do I claim it to be so. I am not a psychologist, Ph.D., or teacher or what have you. As an adult, nobody can order you (except perhaps your boss) to use the internet or go on Social Media. There is a glut of misinformation to partake of. Facebook finds it perfectly acceptable to allow hate material or allow groups who encourage violence against anybody they do not like while using the Swastika which is the ultimate symbol of hate or praises Adolph Hitler who is no sane person’s idea of a role model. There is deafening silence about this not so small problem.

There are those (you know who you are)who only choose to see the negatives. Your battle cry of disconnect, turn off your cell phones, go on nature walks or simply sit around and do nothing has been heard or read. The critical volleys you launch are done so on Social Media which means you are making liberal use of something you try to convince others not to use or limit the use of. You plug your books, blogs,  coaching classes, articles, videos and everything else that fills up your wallet (I am open to the possibility I am wrong on this)  on Social Media quite liberally. This is free advertisement for you. In the English language, there is the word hypocrite that would appear to apply to you.  In some aspects of my personal life, I  too am a hypocrite as well but I admit to it and am admitting to it in public. You have thus far failed to do the same.

What also gets my goat about you (you who you may ask) is that you make no mention about how much socialization it has brought to shut-ins, senior citizens, certain President’s, those who have nobody in this world to talk to. Since Social Media is holding our children hostage to the point they are never seen outdoors anymore I would be curious to know if you have driven past school yards with basketball hoops after hours or playgrounds with basketball hoops. Had you done that you would see kids playing basketball? You still see kids (pee wee football) playing football, playing outdoor hockey in no smaller numbers than days of yore.

Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury ( I always liked the way that sounded) we the defense have proved our case that our client has been a solid citizen and is being unfairly castigated by those who derive benefit from its use. We are seeking to be compensated for any damages my client may incur to his sterling reputation. Look at it this way when your little darlings are online they are not under your foot. You are now free to move about the cabin. The last time I heard that line I was on a TWA L-10ll ( or was it a DC-10?) flying from New York to California panic-stricken as the previous day a plane mysteriously dropped 10,00 feet.

Let me finally leave you (you have discovered by now that sleep does not come on to me until much later in the evening or the early morning) with some questions I would love to hear your answers to. In order to access Social Media, you need to have internet service which costs you X amount of dollars every month regardless if you use it or not. Don’t you think it is a waste of money to pay for a service that is by no means inexpensive and either not use it or purposely restrict your use of it? Minors children and teens do not fall under this category but once again it is us their parents who buy them cell phones with internet access with unlimited usage each month. Why? You and I know that if you went away on vacation your phone goes with you (not turned off or in silent mode) and that you would want to stay at a hotel that has Wi-Fi available. There is an old expression ( I have no idea to give credit to) that says the more things change the more they stay the same. Think about what this statement means before you write another one of your many anti-social media articles on social media. I am now going to log on to YouTube to watch (or just listen if there is no video available ) see some of my favorite singers/songwriters as well as bands I really like. Who knows I may even watch a video from a punk rock band.


Joel Elveson
Joel Elveson
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    • Larry, thank you for sharing this part of your life with me. Before we married my wife (Ann) and I lived together for a couple of years. I was living in Queens and she lived in Brooklyn while I was living in Queens which mean driving back and forth every night and then getting up early to catch a train into the city. One day we decided I would move in with her. That faithful day I went from being a single guy with his own apartment to an instant father of three children two of whom were in Elementary School. I knew nothing about parenting. To make matters worse my wife was in the middle of a bitter/hotly contested divorce/child custody battle. While that was going on Ann and I had a son (Lee) together. Ann wound up in the hospital which meant I was now a father of four. Those were some of the most difficult and stressful days of my life. 32 years later I still wonder how I (we) made it. We did separate a couple of times before getting back together. What a ride this has been.

    • What a ride. I can’t believe we have had similar experiences. If we ever have the chance to speak on the phone there will be no shortage of things to talk about. Be well, Larry and thank you for your friendship.

    • If I ever write my book it will be entitled I’m Not Daddy and it will be about my experiences during that period of my life.