Social Isolation: “Be Ye Therefore Perfect, even as your Father which is in Heaven is Perfect”

–Beyond Religious Confinement and Social Isolation

Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect” has been misunderstood for too long.

Shall we close the gap a bit, especially during times of social isolation? HOW is our challenge today. Looking for a piece of text that encapsulates the understanding life-long inner work has inspired and permitted in my own growth, one source stood out in answer to questions of relating the information to others and is featured below and comes from the Urantia Book. It is replete with conveyed awareness and resonance in our built-in truth meter. [God] is a term and only a term to express an incomprehensible concept to humans. There is a ‘supreme’ consciousness that all advanced or enlightened humans, other races even, embrace as a guiding force and lifestyle to aspire toward. Their actions demonstrate it across the gamut of ancient and present spiritual texts as well.

In the quest for enlightenment, embracing social isolation, self-empowerment and a fulfilling life there are certain ‘protocols’ one learns over time and often with great trials and tribulations. Today, the human race is faced with the notion of travesty and triumph; recognizing a present truth and preparing the way for a transcendent event that offers a brighter future. Individual clarity, integrity, and understanding are imperative. Transformational Life Coaching helps to align and/or restore one’s direction toward fulfillment. However we can express the unification of body/mind/spirit integration, there are deeply embedded truths of our soul’s journey toward enlightenment.

One of the books that captured my attention many years ago is called The Urantia Book. It’s got a very expanded view of the material and spiritual hierarchies of creation, an arduous journey through elaborately explained ‘papers’ on various topics. The text introduces the word “Urantia” as the name of the planet Earth and states that its intent is to “present enlarged concepts and advanced truth.” The book aims to unite religion, science, and philosophy, and its enormous amount of material about science is unique among literature claimed to be presented by celestial beings. Among other topics, the book discusses the origin and meaning of life, mankind’s place in the universe, the relationship between God and people, and the life of Jesus. The following is an excerpt:

The enlightened worlds all recognize and worship the Universal Father, the eternal maker and infinite upholder o f all creation. The will creatures of universe upon universe have embarked upon the long, long Paradise journey, the fascinating struggle of the eternal adventure of attaining God the Father. The transcendent good of the children of time is to find the eternal God, to comprehend the divine nature, to recognize the Universal Father, God-knowing creatures as they are in their spheres, like him as his is in his Paradise perfection of personality and in his universal sphere of righteous supremacy. From the Universal Father who inhabits eternity there has gone forth the supreme mandate, “Be You perfect, eve as I am perfect.” In love and mercy the messengers of Paradise have carried this divine exhortations down through the ages and out through the universes, even to such lowly animal-origin creatures as the human races of Earth.

This magnificent and universal injunction to strive for the attainment of the perfection of divinity in the first duty, and should be the highest ambition, of all the struggling creature creation of the God of perfection. This possibility of attainment of divine perfection is the final and certain destiny of all man’s eternal spiritual progress.

Earth mortals can hardly hope to be perfect in the infinite sense, but it is entirely possible for human beings, starting out as they do on this planet, to attain the supernal and divine goal which the infinite God has set for mortal man; and when they do achieve the destiny, they will, in all that pertains to self-realization and mind attainment, be just as replete in their sphere of divine perfection as God himself is in the sphere of infinity and eternity. Such perfection may not be universal in the material sense, unlimited in intellectual grasp, or final in spiritual experience, but it is final and complete in all finite aspects of divinity of will, perfection of personality motivation, and God-consciousness.

This is the true meaning of the divine command, “Be ye perfect, even as I am perfect, ” which ever urges mortal man onward and beckons him inward in that long and fascinating struggle for the attainment of higher and higher levels of spiritual values and true universe meanings. This sublime search for the God of universes is the supreme adventure of the inhabitants of all the world of time and space.

Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect doesn’t separate individuals, nations or races at all. Now, this may be hard to comprehend; that advanced humans and races all have this understanding that is, to date, incomprehensible to man in any ubiquitous sense. FEAR pushes the individual into confinement and isolation, real or imagined. Fearlessness creates freedom of choice and direction, revealing a deeper sense of being in humanity even during social isolation.

In fact, it is one of the prerequisites to advance toward a Type I civilization; a comprehension of at least some universal laws and principles built into the natural order of things and specifically to our evolution. It’s in our genes, literally. If we step back and look at the essence of the great philosophers of all time as well as messages received through various channels and/or ‘sources’ we find [this] to be true. Many sources, including the Urantia Book, offer truths to discover yet may not be completely true. I think it is an invitation for us to test the information and find the inner resonance of truth.

Adjusting Our Thinking Toward Harmony

Another opportunity during social isolation is the potential direction or movement toward better living is adjusting how we think, becoming quieter, asking better questions, and listening deeper. Frequency-response, the ability of the mind to reflect the individuated source code, is the central component of communication with infinite intelligence as it resides within the individual. As in the above, the individuated sphere reflects the supreme sphere; that indwelling aspect of God that is replete within the individual learns how to reflect the divine perfection in the outer world. In a most real sense, we find our perfected form, fit, and function in the world as a natural evolution of self.

There are experiential examples strewn across the Net from those who’ve ‘raised’ their consciousness or vibration and chose to share their story. Creation is interactive to the extreme, we just haven’t accepted that it also reflects our unconscious activity as well, as in the transcendent event we are facing now. As a Transformational Life Coach, I live these principles daily and, because of fastidious attention paid to the process, it can be shared through experiential learning curves. Simply put, individual action plans become more refined and laser-targeted movement toward goals is more effective, even sublime in some cases. Momentum toward mayhem is diminishing now. We must begin again with a new passion for living and purpose for being.

From another perspective, to make it a bit more understandable, an NDE story often includes a view of the Light and sometimes even entering it… absorbed completely yet still individuated in the ability to think and respond. Extrapolate that to the notion of the Light condensing into form and residing as a point within individual beings, each body on Earth. Each of us, without exception, is connected to [God] or Source. It is a PRESENCE in our lives, not a personage. We have the choice of whether to activate that connection or not. How we connect, our ability to completely and totally ‘let go’ of human beliefs and acquire higher-ordered knowledge, is up to us.

We have that choice in all activity, including social isolation, to build better health care systems to technology development to planetary administration and distribution systems to meet the needs for individual care and survival. Attention, intention, and action toward life-enhancing goals put us on the path to perfection. Perfection isn’t a destination or place, it is an experience. The experience moves us even more toward the awareness of each thread in the tapestry of Earth-human relations. Everyone has a spot on the team, there are no cuts from the roster. In other words, the activity of universal consciousness with humans is replete in the non-human [divine] intelligence that is attempting to guide us through our transition.

What Transition Are We Really In?

We’re on a cosmic timetable and it’s perfect for self-reflection in social isolation; to answer at least one of the big questions. How would “Be ye, therefore, perfect, even as yourFather which is in heaven is perfect” reflect our current situation? The Earth itself is changing; for example, poles are shifting. The world is on lockdown for now. Ask yourself, “Why?” That is a very basic awareness and question we all have now. What else is happening simultaneously? We’re moving from one epoch to another, from Piscean (divided) to Aquarian (united) ages. Wouldn’t this also be accompanied by major shifts in consciousness and human activity? The old patterns and programs of ego-centric and fear-laden belief systems are being uprooted. Chaos in world affairs is evidence now. Many have been anticipating this process, not knowing exactly how it would happen, only that, indeed, it would happen.

How we proceed is a matter of acknowledging this internal communication and connection that exists with a higher nature of humanity; a move toward oneness or at least a greater level of care and concern for life-friendly activities. This move does not take away personal choices or individual rights, it simply invites the individual to be more focused and purposeful, perhaps even fulfilling a ‘destiny’ yet uncovered. The activity of non-human intelligence is in support of this behavioral change within the consciousness of humanity, individually and collectively, toward our next step in universe affairs; the acts of aligning attention, intention, and action with universal understanding that enables us to work collaboratively toward harmony among people and planet.


Zen Benefiel
Zen Benefiel
Zen says his life has been spiced with personal and professional opportunities that came through his nurturing of faith, love, and trust that dreams do come true. What built that faith, love, and trust began as an orphan told of his adoption just after his 4th birthday. The spice continued with experiences that span the gamut of the paranormal and include off-planet engagements over a lifetime. Can you say outlier? With two Master’s degrees and multiple certifications as well as an interesting professional history ( his passion turned to transformational life coaching just after the turn of the century, having become a rather astute cognitive scientist with extraordinary insight and intuition, he transformed Be The Dream (founded in 1988) from the intention of bridging best business and spiritual practices to a reality that has served hundreds. A decade and a half of writing was filled with cathartic wonders. His gifts are useful for Team Partnering as well, facilitating people, places, and things to build mega-structures with pre-construction teambuilding sessions. Divorced with four children, 9 grandkids, and 2 great-grandsons, he remarried after 30 years. Luba is from St. Petersburg, Russia, and their meeting, both agree, was a cosmic conspiracy of destiny, spiritual compatibility, and future vision of a newly ordered world in harmony with natural order. After 47 years of preparation, and stepping into what feels like fulfilling destiny, he recently became the Executive Director of the Live and Let Live Global Peace Movement that is inspiring the world now.

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