Smart Search Engine Optimization Strategies For Reputation Management That Business Should Follow

SEO Reputation Management often is confused with that of traditional search engine optimization. The truth is it is different and here’s why. There is a connection between SEO and online reputation management. It is true that online reputation management uses the principles of SEO to augment an individual or business’s online reputation or for both. Yet they differ. Repairing a damaged reputation online is difficult. Rather than ranking one page for a single target keyword, ORM pushes up the pages which represent one’s brand better.

Search Engine Optimization- What it Does?

For people who are unfamiliar and clueless, SEO helps to influence a webpage or site’s visibility on the search engines. The search engine results get ranked via algorithms which consider the popularity, trust, and quality of every page amid other factors. SEO will ideally result in top rankings for a specific page or a site. Search Engine Optimization is carried out by augmenting the on-page factors like HTML, site architecture and quality content along with off-page factors like social sharing and links.

Such improvements can be made either on the complete site or a single page resting on the business owner’s goals and objectives. Performing SEO typically means that a single webpage or website wants to focus on ranking well in the SERPs. But in case of online reputation management, things are pretty different. In case of doing SEO, one will chiefly try in promoting his website that will also include social media work to some extent.

As opposed to online reputation management, performing SEO does not mean to sign up for different social media platforms, maintain a presence on the review sites or to perform a public relation, but from the standpoint of online reputation management, these make sense.

Search Engine Optimization Reputation Management- What it Does?

SEO reputation management like SEO often emphasizes the top Google results. Yet at the same time, it digs deeper into the search engine result pages as well. For instance, positive content which has submerged past page 3 will need to be pulled up. When it comes to online reputation management, search engine optimization influences the leading search engine results to help it offer an accurate and positive first impression be it of an individual or a business.

For doing so, ranking just on 1-2 sites or pages will not help yet multiple properties. For making that powerful impression on the results of the search engines, online reputation management will make sure that different positive pages get a rank on the search engine results’ top. It means the function of SEO multiplies and online reputation management is not merely paying emphasis on a single page’s ranking yet the ranking roughly of 12 or above.

Search Engine Results- Pulling Up vs. Pushing Down

A major misconception that people often hear in case of online reputation management indeed is the notion that search engine optimization can target as well as push the result down in the SERPs. A person may have an embarrassing content and see whether the link is buried on page 3 or above of the SERPs. They desire ORM in basically zapping that outcome, and the remaining outcomes will remain the same. The truth is search engines do not function this way.

The reality to push down a result is not that ORM does anything for that page. In case one does not own the site, they will not have the liberty of removing negative articles which means that there is little they can do for influencing its SEO factors. Getting this page pushed down somewhat into oblivion indicates that about 20 pages should be pulled up for ranking higher compared to the pages on the SERPs.

For pushing down the single result into page 3, one will require in pulling down 20 others for outranking the same in the SEPRs. Hence the SEO work which one is performing for a site will be multiplied by 20 for pulling up such results and pushing down that which one wants gone. It is a task that is not easy, but you can do it through effective ORM.

ORM Using SEO Techniques

Online Reputation Management or ORM done well will help in establishing a positive online presence for a long-term for an individual or a business. To create an engaging social profile, high-quality content, positive review presence and different points of positive will make sure that one can uphold an online reputation that is positive and lasts. Though the maximum SEO methods are responsible as well as lead to positive results, there are Black Hat SEO methods which you need to avoid in case of ORM. Google frowns upon practices such as hidden content, spam blogs, cloaking or keyword stuffing. It can spell trouble for one’s online reputation, and search engine rankings as their site may be deleted from Google once caught using black hat SEO methods.

ORM avoids utilizing black hat SEO methods as such methods can finally damage one’s reputation via making it tough in maintaining on SERPs a long-term presence that is positive. The ethical ORM will prevent harmful tactics such as buying reviews. To report and remove fake reviews from Google is highly recommended. ORM use SEO techniques that are white hat based like writing top quality content, quality inbound links and making clear and helpful HTML. Of course, this is in conjunction with other ORM tactics that includes review maintenance, social media building, and public relations. To know more check SEO Vision Smash.

As stated above ORM includes SEO yet SEO is a single tool under the arsenal of ORM. Along with SEO, ORM will also ramp up marketing and content creation, review site maintenance, social media interaction and cultivation, and public relations. Online reputation management monitors online presence regularly to make sure that outcomes remain positive. ORM also helps in analyzing and monitoring top results and also decides the ways of categorizing the same.  Building an online presence that is positive constantly through different channels will help to squash the adverse outcomes as they occur.


Sujain Thomas
Sujain Thomas
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