The smart money for any business is on Artificial Intelligence. We’re not talking about those devices you have at home that allow you to play your music, dim the lights or record your favourite TV shows, but rather the kind of technology that’s recreating office life with streamlined working and smarter processes for almost everything.

We take a look at some office AI, that’s set to transform your working life for the better. In terms of software, some of the very best options out there at the moment, simply take the tasks you do every day and make them easier, look better and save you time.

For example, if you’re often on PowerPoint you might be looking for the fun and easy way to create presentations that really make an impact without feeling restricted by software that has its limitations.

Gone too are the days where you needed bulky white goods to fulfil your office needs. By simply adding an app to your smartphone or tablet, you’ll be able to use the camera to scan and manipulate documents with even greater specifications than the office scanners of old. Reducing office space and saving time, AI tech like this is a no-brainer.

If you’re taking calls from customers throughout the day and need to keep flipping between screens, while holding a receiver then take a look at tech that brings all your calls online via a headset and allows split screen access between calls, apps and other windows, giving you and your customer instant information. This kind of efficiency is what brings customers back and again to businesses that can anticipate and work with their needs.

In much the same vein, you might also consider how chatbots could give your customers the answers they need without having to pick up the phone. While they may never replace the human touch, chatbots are smart enough to answer most routine questions from customers given the right keywords and phrases. Sending customers away happy that they didn’t have to hang around on a telephone call, waiting for the right answer is a useful addition to your office.

And because you value the well being of your staff how about windows that tint themselves depending on the brightness and strength of the sun. Smart can change its tint to best protect workers from harmful UV rays and glare from the reflection of the sun on their computer screens; clever, smart and caring.

AI is here to stay and rather than the scary stuff of sci-fi movies, it can be harnessed to make our everyday office lives so much better. From chatbots that take up the slack, to apps that save both space and time with their intuitive and easy functionality. You’re still in charge and still know your business inside and out but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take on a little smart help to make your team’s lives easier, increase productivity and show your customers that you’re at the cutting edge of technology.

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