The widespread perception is that the future is a traced path, made only by visionary leaders, by revolutionary innovations, by great ideas, which are sometimes disruptive, threatening or more or less “big”.

Yet it is not always true. We think (or have made us believe) that the ability to innovate is now only delegated to governments or large organizations, with their research and development departments, when in reality often (very often) what is truly innovative and of success behind these technologies is the result of the genius of small intuitions, that is a moment in which someone was able to see and grasp a fragile, hidden, “small” idea, but far from insignificant. In many cases, the future, the innovations come from people who simply want to experiment, take risks, fail or make mistakes and try again. Small ideas.

There is no single recipe for innovation.

The future does not come from the comments of experts, from reports, from analysts or from the great speeches of charismatic leaders, but much more often from humility, creativity and the desire to go towards the unknown of ordinary people. The future comes from small “wild” ideas that can blossom in any context or territory, without recipes, at all times, from people without certainties who would be less entitled to have them, but who went where others do not dare.

To activate these processes it is necessary not to be afraid of anything, or rather it is necessary to throw away everything that was obtained before, to clear the table and start with a new mind (a scary approach, if you think about it, because despair, the failure, annulment makes us vulnerable, but it is the vulnerability that opens our mind to creativity or even call it the art of getting by).

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Aldo Delli Paoli
After classical studies and the Bachelor Degree in Law, I have had experience of teaching law and economics in high school, completed the legal and notarial practice, admitted to the lawyer bar since 1975, I worked as a civil lawyer for about 4 years. In 1970 I joined General Motors Acceptance Corporation, Italy, the financing company of General Motors, where I made different kinds of experience serving in leadership roles and as a CEO as well as a board member (credit collection, district manager, retail contract acquisition, wholesale and retail credit risk manager, recruitment and training of Human Resources, analysis and management of corporate law issues, new branch development, introduction of flexibility tools and outsourcing, partnership projects (SAAB, Subaru), Quality Council, Units relations, branch closures, analysis and restructuring of organizational processes, compliance, change management. In December 2004 I retired maintaining the role of an external member of the Board and head of the Vigilance Committee up to April 2008. I collaborated with the magazine "Autoperator" on financial services matters, to Corriere della Sera & Sole 24Ore on any labor matters.
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