Six Tips To Create An Intimate Wedding

The best weddings are intimate and personal. They’re about the bride and groom in a way that large, impersonal events can never be. If you’re planning an intimate wedding, then you’ll want to follow these six tips for creating a beautiful event with just the right feeling

1) Choose Your Venue Wisely

The proper venue can make or break your wedding. If you’re trying to keep costs down, do not choose a place with an expensive minimum on weekends. This will add up quickly and increase the price of cocktails, dinner, etc. Look for venues with cheaper weekend rates or consider doing Friday night instead! Also, be sure to look into any discounts if you have your ceremony at another location nearby (such as in the park) – sometimes this is possible even with different owners! You could save hundreds by having your reception elsewhere too! Just because it’s popular doesn’t mean it fits what you want. If they don’t accommodate your needs, then go somewhere else. Don’t ever feel like just “one of the crowd” and settle for a venue that doesn’t feel like you. If your budget is more robust, consider places with less expensive “peak” times. Saturdays are almost always going to be more expensive, but if you can go a day earlier or later, you might find a better deal. Also, inquire about whether there are other discounts you can use to save, such as if your florist has a discount at the same venue or if the baker is willing to offer a discount. Last but certainly not least, choose your venue based on how it makes you feel.

2) Create Ambiance With Lighting

Lighting is one of the most important ways to create an intimate wedding. If you don’t want your guests squinting in order to see and appreciate what’s going on, then make sure there are ample lighting options (candles with tea lights, chandeliers) that will give a romantic feel without hurting people’s eyes! Try not to go with fluorescent lighting unless it can be controlled with dimmers or other such equipment – otherwise, all your hard work creating ambiance will fall flat when everyone can still clearly see everything. If you’re doing table centerpieces, try using votives instead of tiki torches, for example. Each centerpiece has its own little flame this way but doesn’t take away from the darkness/ambiance if they’re sitting in the middle of large tables. There are all kinds of lighting options available to you if you think outside the box! For example, did you know that your DJ or band can carry battery-powered lanterns on them? Not only does this look nice, but it also helps prevent guests from tripping (candles can be pretty). Another option is hanging lights like these over certain key areas such as dance floors and bars, which creates an intimate feel without disturbing anyone else who has their eyes shut because they’re trying to get down! The possibilities are endless, really. Just make sure everything looks beautiful together – not too matchy-matchy, though; keep things eclectic instead. When creating ambiance with lighting, don’t forget about your venue’s natural lighting.

3) Get All The Legal Documents In Order

Most venues will require you to have certain legal documents in order before they allow your event. This includes insurance, a certificate of occupancy, a k1 visa, and anything else that the law requires them to ask for. If possible, get everything squared away well ahead of time so no unnecessary delays at the last minute! Don’t just assume that it’s fine if you don’t have all these things together – this could cause serious problems later on when something goes wrong because then both parties can be held responsible if one party is not legally permitted to do business where their venue/event is located.

4) Serve Quality Food & Drinks

Don’t skimp on the food or drinks at your wedding! If you leave it up to your venue’s in-house caterer, chances are they’ll give you whatever is cheapest without regard for taste. Be sure to ask how much freedom you have when selecting a menu and what options might be more affordable than others – there may be some wiggle room here. You can also shop around yourself if that makes more sense for your budget; just make sure whoever you’re dealing with must comply with all health department standards (i.e., no cross-contamination of any kind). Another good idea would be working out an agreement where guests pay per item instead of being forced into one specific “fixed” price package, which many venues offer today under the guise of convenience for the guest. This cannot be very pleasant to your guests if they don’t want or need all of what’s included in the package!

5) Keep It Short- Sweet & Simple

The longer your wedding, the more impatient (and bored) people will get. If it’s a sit-down meal, make sure to keep things moving along at least every 15 minutes; if you have an open bar, then serve drinks out on trays instead of making guests wait in line for them while they hold up the table and block traffic. This also keeps lines shorter, which makes for less time standing around waiting! You don’t want anyone feeling like they’ve been there too long – if you choose to have entertainment such as performances or games, be sure that everyone can see what’s going on, so nobody misses anything important.

6) Remember To Enjoy Your Wedding Day!

It’s easy to get caught up in making sure everything goes perfectly and that no one has a bad time, but sometimes it’s okay if things don’t go exactly as planned. Take some deep breaths and remember what you’re there for, celebrating your love with everyone who matters most! It will be over before you know it, so try not to focus on the stress of planning or anything else negative; enjoy every minute because this is where memories are made!

In conclusion,  planning an intimate wedding can be a lot of work but so rewarding when you see everything come together with the way it’s supposed to. You have to be patient and take it one day at a time.

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