Simple Growth Hacks To Increase Traffic To Your Website


Whether you’re a blogger or a business owner with an online presence, driving traffic to your website is an absolute must. If no one is visiting your site, you aren’t making an impact online, and that is going to affect the chances of you making money and turning a profit.

The good news is that there are plenty of ways of increasing the number of visitors that are coming to your site or blog. And in this guide, we’re going to explore some incredible growth hacking strategies that can bring exceptional results. Let’s take a closer look at some of your options.

Create better content

First of all, you need to give people a reason to visit your website – and not just to sell them products. Providing interesting, compelling and even challenging information is a good start, so see if you can come up with some innovative ideas. Great content tends to get more social shares, views, and interaction – all of which results in more people coming to your website.

Mix things up

Don’t just stick to blog posts – expand your horizons with video, ebooks, podcasts and infographics. People soak up information in different ways: some love to read; others prefer visual stimulus, for example. And the chances are that your target market is made up of various types of preference – meaning you have to start catering for everyone’s needs.

Appeal to Google – and people

Are you trying to appeal to the search engines more than you are real people? If so, it’s going to affect the number of visitors coming to – and staying on – your website. The art of SEO is all about making sure you are ticking Google and Bing’s boxes, while being a human, too – and that means ensuring you write for people, but optimize for the search engines.


Focus on email

Email marketing is one of the most effective tactics at your disposal for driving regular traffic to your blog or website. Yes, people get a lot of emails, but if you provide them with a good reason to open your messages, it can be an incredible tool. Email marketing can provide an astonishing return on your investment, and converts far better than any other platform – including social media.

Offer something for free

People love free stuff, and if they arrive on your website, you have to make sure that you are offering them something. Perhaps you could create an ebook on a popular subject in your industry, for example, or a free guide to using a particular tool. All the visitor needs to do is sign up to your email list, and they get to download your free gift – and you get their address to use to ensure they keep coming back.

Promote your content

It’s one thing to create amazing content, but another entirely to get people reading it. It’s all about promoting that content – which is an area that many bloggers and small business owners slip up. In fact, there is plenty of evidence that suggests that you should allow half your allotted time for writing a post, and the other half shouting from the rooftops about it. Promote your content on social media, email, services like SlideShare, and any other channel at your disposal.

Contact influencers in your industry

Who are the major players in your industry? If you don’t know, you are missing out on a world of opportunity. The fact is that when you are just starting out, nobody has any reason whatsoever to trust you or believe in what you are offering and saying. You need social proof from people that already have a huge audience – the thought leaders in your industry. Find out who they are, follow them on social media, and start engaging with their posts and content. Once you have begun to nurture a relationship with them, you can reach out to them and ask them to take a look at your products or blog posts – and perhaps even promote them.

Utilize content curation services

Content curation services like Triberr or BizSugar are great places to get your posts in front of many different people. While they are incredibly competitive, using content curation services can lead to huge spikes in increased traffic. That said, your content needs to be exceptional if it is going to stand out.

We hope some of these tips will help you get your blog or online business a lot more traffic – try them out and see how you get on. And if you have any other tidbits of advice, feel free to get in touch and share your knowledge.

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