Simple Christmas Painting Ideas For Hours Of Fun!

I love offering a Simple Christmas Painting Ideas video and DIY Canvas Art Tutorial! This is such a fun and relaxing activity. I’ve been  facilitating acrylic painting tutorials for beginners locally for the past 3 years. and what I’ve experienced in connecting with so many women has been an absolute dream come true, and the best has yet to come!

In this video I show you Simple Christmas Painting Ideas for a pretty DIY Canvas Art project. This painting workshop is great for beginners because it is simple and you have access to a traceable. When you transfer the drawing on your canvas, there is no drawing skills needed! You can focus on painting instead of drawing! I came up with the concept and the composition of this new painting by drawing her first in my sketch pad. I like how I made her dress a harlequin pattern. It adds an element of festivity and originality.

DIY Canvas Art Tutorial From my Original Paintings

I am glad I found a way to help my painters with what is for many people the most dreading and of the art tutorial. I love seeing their faces light up when I show them the stencils!

All my paintings are original concept and I usually draw first but sometimes I start directly on my canvas with paint. I love to draw but that is usually what makes people shy away from painting! Well, when I first started  facilitating acrylic painting tutorials for beginners, I made sure to offer an alternative to the drawing part of this fun and relaxing activity. I learned the tracing technique when I went to school for graphic design. I am glad I found a way to help my painters with what is for many people the most dreading and of the art tutorial. I love seeing their faces light up when I show them the stencils! They all appreciate it so much and me too because once the lines are transferred, we can let the painting fun begin!

A Fun and Relaxing Activity

If you are looking for a good afternoon of fun and relaxing activity, you will enjoy this video. Most importantly this Simple Christmas Painting Ideas video  is the perfect acrylic painting tutorials for beginners because on top of not having to draw, there is no blending which makes this  DIY Canvas Art Tutorial even more fun!

Please share this to people who might be looking to make their own DIY painting gifts this Holiday Season!

Note to artists: If you already have painting supplies, you can use them and let your creative juice flow! It’s always great to change the colors and make your artwork reflect your own decor.

Find all you need to paint HERE! Find the stencil HERE!

Watch my 3 Minutes Demo “How I Created “Harlequin Holiday Girl”

1-inch flat brush (see Kit link above)
Royal Majestic 3/8″ Angular Brush – Artist Paint Brush – R4160-3/8″ – Single (See Kit link)
Micron Mini Art Brush – Round Detailer Size 15/0 (one brush) (see Kit link above)

Recommended Canvas Size
MY EASEL : US Art Supply Coronado Sonoma French Style Easel & Sketch-box with 12″ Drawer, Wooden Palette & Shoulder Strap
VIDEO – Check out my full video and review of a great table easel you can use from home:

Other Supplies
Paper towels
Water cup
Paint Pens – Black – White (See my Kit for link)
Tracing paper (See Kit for link)
Red pen for tracing
A cup of tea
Your best positive attitude!


Nathalie Villeneuve
Nathalie Villeneuve
NATHALIE loves to weave self-expression, art, and faith into her message to help women cultivate their creativity. She defines herself as a free-spirited women devoted to Christ and blessed with a loving family. Nathalie has a background in Fine Art and Graphic Design. She presently owns Pause and Paint and holds workshops and fundraisers where she helps women create art while raising their self-esteem. Nathalie's award-winning work speaks volume and has been shown in various galleries, as a greeting card line, and recently published a coloring devotional book entitled "Lord Help Me To Flourish". You can't help but relate to her "Emotion on Canvas Art”!

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