Simple But Powerful Tools for Remote Team Management

Managing teams in-person is tricky enough. Doing so remotely is even more difficult, even for experienced supervisors and executives.

Fortunately, there are plenty of simple but powerful software tools you can use for remote team management, time tracking, and other requirements. Let’s take a close look at some of these tools now.


YouTrack is a great first choice for a project management platform. It’s a particularly good pick for agile teams whose managers need a little help tracking various issues and projects.

Software developers may find it especially useful due to its ability to track bugs and plan workflow sprints (or crunches). Compared to many other issue trackers on the market, YouTrack lets you customize its features so it perfectly suits your project’s unique needs.


Who can forget Slack? This communication and project management platform can help you keep track of various objectives and projects within the same organization. You can also use tools like Slack polls to take a quick temperature reading of your employees or staff members about certain issues, project deadlines, and more.


Struggling to make remote work, well, work? Scoro could be a good choice for your organization.

It includes a ton of useful tools in total, including project management tools, sales tools, billing tools, and staff collaboration tools. This is perfect for managing remote teams from a distance, but it’ll also be useful once everyone gets back to the office.

In addition to standard project management and CRM functionalities, Scoro also includes time tracking: a key concern for managers who want to make sure that their staff is working as much as they should be when logging in remotely.


Paymo is an ideal tool for smaller businesses with fewer remote employees. But it’s extremely valuable overall thanks to its remote team management, time billing, and work reporting tools that are all rolled into the same software suite.

It’s particularly good for automating time tracking. With this tool, managers won’t need to track the time their employees spend logged in manually. Just have your staff download Paymo’s desktop app and let it track how much they use their PC. Time entries can be categorized after the fact for better organization and accounting.


Last is LiquidPlanner: a top-tier collaboration tool that includes time tracking and project management features. Thus, it’s a good choice for remote teams that may need to communicate with one another regularly to share ideas or to complete complex projects that require different skill sets.

It’s a great tool since it helps teams set realistic deadlines as well as separate those deadlines based on worst-case and best-case scenario projections. With LiquidPlanner, you’ll have a contingency plan in place for any situation.

All in all, the above simple yet powerful tools for remote teams can help your organization meet its goals and maintain organizational efficiency even while working remotely. These tools may be even more necessary when COVID-19 ends if your business decides to keep remote work to some extent.

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