Silk Around Steel

When I was learning Tai Chi my teacher always said that the aim was for me to be as Silk around Steel.

What he meant is that the spine should always be straight and strong with a clear flow down into the earth and up through the head and crown chakra into the heavens. Connection between heaven and earth should always be maintained for optimum health, balance and martial arts potential.

The reason that I share this is that there seems to be a recurring theme in women that I meet who are in their awakening and their feminine is flowing beautifuly but there is a lack of groundedness and connection with their inner steel; ie the inner masculine. Some women struggle with creating a solid, safe home for themselves and an income so that the security of their home has some longevity.

I know that this post is a huge generalisation, nothing is absolute and each person has different circumstances but never the less I share this here as it is a recurring theme and may be of value to some.

There is often this (totally natural) longing within the feminine to be in a mutually supportive relationship with man so that in part he can take care of some of the steel, that he is naturally wired to do (ie hunting and gathering) putting food on the table, keeping the home safe etc so that she can do what she is more naturally designed for ie. home care, child-rearing and flowing in her own beautiful contributions with creativity and love. But often we men are immersed in our own journeys and the crazy world we live in means that it’s enough just to keep our own finances and stuff flowing from the reality of ‘I always have more than enough’.

One day it won’t be like this but for now, it seems that the task for some women is to work on creating a home and income for themselves. This is the work they have control over, the inner union of their own masculine and feminine while wishing a man would show up and help shoulder the burden is perhaps not the best use of energy.

This post is about man and woman and the inner and outer masculine and feminine relationship. How can we honour our silk and our steel? Because when we do the dance from this balanced place of union and mutual valuing, like Tai Chi, it becomes a beautiful spectacle and my experience is that the more I live this inner journey the more beautiful my life becomes.

What do you need to give energy to? Your Silk or your Steel?

Miguel Dean
Miguel Dean
Miguel Dean is the author of ‘Bring Him Home: A Twin Flame Love Story’ which is his true story of a twin flame love affair with an extraordinary woman. Miguel was born in Colchester, England and his life’s mission in service and love of the Divine Feminine was catalysed at seven months old when he lost his mother to cancer. As a result of other challenges in his early life, as a young man, Miguel spiraled down into a shadowy world of violence, petty crime, addiction, and homelessness. It was the love of his newborn son that inspired him to begin to face his demons and take responsibility. For the last twenty-two years as an author, speaker, and catalyst, he has been immersed in the ‘twin paths’ of healing and transformation which can be summarized as an inner journey to heal his own wounds, facilitated and complemented by his service to others and passion for spiritually rooted social change.




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