Sharing is Caring

Sharing is Caring.

It is a basic premise that we learn throughout life.  But the truth is it has exponential effects on us and those we help.  There are physiological and emotional benefits to giving back.  We benefit even if we aren’t aware of the impact giving has on our health.

As a former special education teacher and pediatric nurse, I have focused my life on giving back to children in need.  And in the community, I have been blessed to support ventures to give back to families of special needs children in a bigger way.  When I started giving back magical shifts happened in my productivity, confidence, and courage.  At the time I had no idea that giving back freed me from stress and cleared space for me to proceed in my healing journey.

One of the basic principles I teach and thrive on is “Kindness is essential towards others and yourself.”  And this simple premise means giving to others is a huge part of my life.

But it also helped me realize and foster kindness towards myself through self-love, mindfulness, and writing.  And I am grateful that I can share these principles with children, families, and the community.

My passion for giving began 22 years ago as a special education teacher.  I was on a journey to understand the link between physical illness, disability, and mental health.  I started the journey inspired by the health challenges of a very special boy named Alfonso.  At the time I had no idea that his story and my career change would give me the courage to be vulnerable and heal from my child abuse and understand my learning disabilities on a different level.

Alfoso was a beautiful green-eyed and blond-haired little boy who suddenly lost his speech and experienced significant developmental delays.  He faced these delays after a mosquito bite that caused encephalitis, seizure disorder, and significant learning disabilities. Alfonso was one of my most precious yet challenging students in my brief special education career.  Caring for him fueled my curiosity and courage to understand the link between illness, disease, and disability. And I know now he finally gave me the courage to go to my true calling and become a nurse.  Several years later, I cared for Alfonso on many occasions in the Emergency room. I reunited with his mom Elsa and learned about her efforts to support children and families with special needs children to access medical care and special needs services from infancy to adulthood.

And my passion for giving grew as I became a member of the Board of Trustees for Miami Family Friends years ago.  We work together creating events for families focused on education, health, empowerment, and nurturing.  We have created events to help parents and children thrive through the hardships of disabilities.  We continue to launch new projects based on community needs.  We invite any parents and families with special needs children to our events absolutely Free.  Our next event is a Holiday party on December 2, 2022.

I know that giving back has helped me thrive in so many ways.  And expanded my potential in life and career through the physiological and psychological benefits that lie under the surface of giving.

I give because I love to but knowing that my kindness benefits everyone brings peace of mind and body.

During covid 19,  I launched a little project on my own to give me the courage to continue to heal.  Our non-profit had limited events due to the pandemic but I had a deep need to continue giving.  Giving back even during a lockdown pushed me along in my healing journey.  As I worked through my challenges and focused on progress while I used inspiration to guide my giving.  I realized at the time the power of art, reading, mindfulness, baking, and play in mental health and wellness.  And as I used these tools for myself, I became inspired by the hardships of others and began giving to support.  I supported families and children through donations I collected to create sensory mood boxes.  Over the years, I gave boxes to individuals or families.  The family boxes were the most fun.  I incorporated special gifts for everyone from infants, children to parents.  And gave it to families facing hardships like illness or death.

During this time of giving and healing, I focused on others, and my career and rested from writing.  But I am grateful for everything I learned on this journey and the opportunities to share with the community.  And I am confident 2023 will bring many more opportunities to give to others and spread love.  I hope you find ways to give back to the community.  And in that giving, I hope you find the blessings the gift of kindness brings into your life.


Diane Vich
Diane Vich
My name is Diane Vich. I am a registered nurse, professor, author, and holistic health coach. I help women explore their inner dreams and desires through mind, body, and soul connection. I use my experiences overcoming chronic illness and disability with alternative therapies, to help my clients overcome trauma, chronic disease, and negative patterns that impact their health, happiness, and dreams. My transformation began when I went through a significant health crisis that took me away from direct patient care in nursing and opened my eyes to the importance of my own health. I adopted holistic healing modalities while facing a debilitating illness and fatigue that required me to take 13 prescription medications each day and have 9 surgeries before the age of 40. Through nutrition, mindfulness, fitness, dance, vocals, hypnosis, and emotional healing, I not only transformed my health but reconnected with my long lost libido. My passion is now to help women create a deep sense of awareness to tackle the root of their pain and symptoms and unveil their intuition, natural healing potential, and feminine power. I now help women connect with their sexual power and heal past trauma through workshops, coaching, books, and novels. I believe that sexual energy is the key to creativity, empowerment, and fulfillment but it is essential to tackle the trauma at the root to unveil a deeper sense of ingenuity and intuition. I currently live in Miami. And in my free time, I enjoy spending time with my husband and my two children in the outdoors: camping, boating, and bonding with each other and mother nature. I spread knowledge, love, and support for the special needs community through empowerment for parents. Diane is a contributing author to the inspiring book Crappy to Happy: Sacred Stories of Transformational Joy

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