The sun was in its glory today. It didn’t care about a virus. Or layoffs. Or that we are required to stay away from people who are not in quarantine with us. The sun shamelessly took the opportunity to fill the sky the whole damn day.

So, my newest granddaughter and I walked her aunt to her place of work at my husband’s bistro. The sun did not care that the bistro is restricted to “take out only”. Or that customers must awkwardly remain 6 feet from the counter while ordering. Or that anxiety is now a daily way of life for most people. I wasn’t kidding when I said that the sun is shameless because when it decides to shine, the clouds are compelled to get out of the way.

While that distant, fiery orb is arrogantly heating up the opposite side of the planet, it just dawned on me (no pun intended*) that I want to be more like the sun.

Perspective:    If we are as old as the sun, short term setbacks don’t throw us off track.

Confidence:     When I want to shine, nothing should stop me.

Diligence:        There is never a reason not to be fully present.

Consistency:   Every damn day, I must show up to heat things up.

Healing:          My goal is to inspire gratitude and growth.

Faith:              Confidence that tomorrow I’ll be where I’m supposed to be.

Compassion:   Rather than cause harm to others, I’ll invite the rain.

Balance:      Glorious balance. There’s a different form of wonder and magic in the darkness.

Today, we might be fighting something more insidious than a tiny little virus. We seem to be fighting with ourselves.

Everything we thought was forever might be crumbling. Life will never go back to what it was because we are permanently changed by that darkness (anxiety) in ourselves. We are losing precious loved ones while shielding others inside our four walls, hoping and praying that the virus will not rob us of more security.

So how can we possibly irradicate that darkness?  We become the light for someone else.

We post job listings and make connections.

We call others in seclusion to assure them, “I’m here  You’re not alone.”

We share.

We hold space for those who are living with grief.

We feed someone who is hungry.

We write thank-you notes and post them.

We plant trees for future generations and flowers for next month.

We keep looking up for guidance about how to add light when dark clouds seem to be settled in for the long haul.

We remember that we were created to be just like the sun.

Tomorrow, I hope you decide to shamelessly shine all damn day.

PS: *I lied.


Wendy Weiner Runge
Wendy Weiner Runge
I am the most blessed daughter, sister, wife, Jewish mother, mother-in-law, grandmother, mentor, speaker, entrepreneur, award-winning film writer/producer, and convicted felon you've ever met. I have exactly 3 skills: I can write, I can tell a great story, and I collect REMARKABLE people. Originally from Omaha, Nebraska, my sense of humor is corny but my gratitude is more expansive than the Great Plains. And my mother always mentions that I am never uncomfortable anywhere.

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  1. Welcome to BizCatalyst360, Wendy. I promise to shine unleashed, unapologetically all day long and for as many days as I have on the planet. There may be occasional showers of grieflove mixed in there. I made it to the Bonus Round of Being Alive. There’s no turning me backwards… Thank you for the permission!!

  2. Wendy, welcome to the Biz Catalyst family, and thank you for writing this uplifting piece! It is a gem, and I can feel the positivity radiate from the page. I live in the country in a small town, so I feel fortunate that I can go outside and there is plenty of space to social distance. I am noticing that when cars pass by, they wave, and people are more considerate and kind. Here’s hoping it carries over and doesn’t hit a hard stop after we make it through this pandemic.

    Thanks for sharing your sunshine with us. I look forward to reading more of your work.

  3. Wendy Welcome to the BIZCAT Family! I love your writing sense of humor and look forward to reading more. It is amazing how we focus on the now which is always fleeting, while the sun which has been around since the beginning of time focuses and continues to shine on us.

  4. Love this so much, Wendy! And, I’m so glad you’re sharing your gifts with this conscious community. You’re going to love it here and people are going to embrace you with all kinds of good stuff! Shine your light brightly!!

  5. Wendy – Welcome to the BC360 family. May you experience the joy of encouragement for fellow writer and wonderful readers, respectful engagement that helps us grow as writer and people, and followers who become online friends. Your first article is a great step toward these goals.