Seven Types Of Online Nursing Degrees To Become A Registered Nurse

Why should you choose registered nursing over becoming a nurse and getting a job?

It is common among nursing aspirants, especially when selecting a higher degree. The answer is registered nurses gain an in-depth insight into nursing and learn upscale nursing practices. Besides, you can play an active role in enhancing your healthcare organization’s culture when you’re an RN.

Nursing is an ideal career for people who want to bring a positive difference to the community. Nursing is dynamic, and one day is entirely different from the other. Since nursing jobs are on the rise, and nurses are in demand for all four seasons, many want to learn more about nursing degrees. The good news is you can avail yourself of distance learning options as many educational institutes now offer e-courses in nursing.

Registered Nurse

Registered nurses, commonly referred to as RNs, give patients direct care and actively assist them on their road to recovery. Junior nurses assist RNs or doctors; on the contrary, RNs are licensed nurses working alongside doctors, laboratory assistants, and other healthcare workers.

RNs are responsible for multiple tasks; thus, they stay on their toes. Aside from providing patients the best possible care, they ensure that treatment plans are as per healthcare facilities and states’ policies. RNs administer medicines, run medical tests, devise, implement and evaluate treatment plans and operate medical equipment. Their other responsibilities include educating patients and their families about their health and preventive measures and assisting and supervising junior nurses. Many people are keen to know more about the pathways that help them become registered nurses.

Let’s dive into several nursing degrees to become a registered nurse:

  1. BSN (Bachelors of Science in Nursing)

One of the amazing benefits of online degrees is that it offers flexibility. Students can mold timetables as per their schedules. RN aspirants often inquire how to go from ADN to BSN online. Their circumstances do not allow them to pursue a degree in conventional ways. Many nursing institutes offer online nursing programs and help students earn nursing skills.

Moreover, an advanced course in nursing makes students eligible to work as an RN. BSN opens multiple pathways of careers for students. They can work in hospitals, maternity wards, clinics, and other healthcare setups.

  1. ADN (Associate Degree in Nursing)

An LPN Licensed Practical Nursing to Associate Degree in Nursing is another way of becoming an RN. Most institutes require LPN to hold 60 to 74 credits hours, which is not difficult while pursuing an online course. Furthermore, if you are an LPN, many institutions enable you to transfer credits from general programs. ADN is comparatively affordable and the quickest way to become an RN. Suppose you work as LPN; you can easily enroll in an online ADN and serve as RN after completing your degree.

  1. MSN (Master of Science in Nursing)

Earning Masters of Science in Nursing helps you climb the ladder of success as it broadens your scope of practice. MSN offers different specialties; NP (Nurse Practitioner). Nurse Leadership and Administration and NE (Nurse Educator) are common expertise areas.

Students pursue MSN after acquiring BSN, and it helps them get an in-depth insight into nursing. Also, they learn trendy nursing practices and know recent developments in nursing. You can efficiently work as an RN with an MSN in any healthcare facility.

  1. DNP (Doctor of Nursing Practice)

In nursing, you can opt for either one of two doctorates; doctor of philosophy (Ph.D.) or doctor of nursing practice. While the former is a research-based degree, the latter makes you eligible to work on high nursing designations.

Since DNP is an advanced nursing degree, candidates can quickly become an RN. However, they mostly prefer serving on other advanced designations. DNP requires nurses to undertake four years of education. Still, with an MSN or equivalent degree, you can earn DNP comparatively in a shorter duration.

  1. PMC (Post-master’s Nursing Certificate)

Earning nursing certificates as well as advanced medical certificates like PALS is for example,  adds weight to your résumé. It helps you land an RN in a prestigious healthcare facility center. Nurses can gain Master’s level certification after earning an associate or bachelor’s degree in nursing. The certificates broaden your horizons and expose you to new areas of nursing. The good part is that you can pursue certification courses online while working part-time to gain more experience. With a PMC, you can also grab a teaching opportunity and work as an educator.

  1. ABSN (Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing)

After completing an undergraduate degree, you can register in ABSN and work as RN after getting the degree. ABSN lasts for 16 months and prepares you for NCLEX certification. Students often have to complete 58 credit hours and focus on holistic wellness and disease prevention. ABSN students get an advantage as their up to 9 credit hours can be transferred to a Master’s degree. ABSN allows you to explore nursing from different angles and work as a registered nurse.

Students who opt for online ABSN have the edge over others. The course allows them to fulfill their other responsibilities and pursue the degree simultaneously.

  1. LPN-BSN (Licensed Practical Nurse to Bachelor of Science in Nursing)

Earning an associate’s or bachelor’s is the prerequisite of becoming an RN. LPNs get some flexibility while pursuing a BSN. LPN can finish the course in four semesters and quickly begin their job. Clinical starts at the end of the second semester or the third semester. Many institutes add 15 credits, equivalent to one semester if you serve as an LPN. Aside from clinical practice and nursing theoretical knowledge, it also helps you gain skills for administrative tasks.

The Bottom Line

Nursing is demanding and keeps nurses occupied all the time. Still, it is one of the popular professions and continues to grow. The modern nursing world is evolving at a much more rapid pace, as technological developments and new studies bring new dimensions to the forefront. Registered nurses have an advantage as they can quickly get a job and practice their profession. Fortunately, many higher educational institutes offer e-degrees that help you become an RN.

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