Seven Amazing Things You Never Knew About Psychometric Testing

Psychometric testing is becoming an increasingly popular employment tool for businesses looking to hire candidates who can think on their feet. And as we’ve discovered, psychometrics also has more to do with Charles Darwin, Fortune 500 companies and happy employees than you might think…

1. It all started with Charles Darwin (kind of)

Charles Darwin’s seminal masterpiece, The Origin of Species, is considered to be the foundation of revolutionary biology.The book deals with the differences between animal species and how their unique attributes help them survive. Inspired by this, a man named Galton undertook similar studies – but focusing on humans instead. And this was the beginning of psychometrics as we know it.

2. Psychometrics divided (some very famous) opinion

Two distinct schools of thought led to the development of modern psychometrics. The first, pioneered by big names including Charles Darwin and Francis Galton, focused on studying the difference between individuals. The second, spearheaded by Ernst Weber and Johann Herbart, focused on psychological measurements.

3. It’s a big deal in Fortune 500 companies

Almost 80% of Fortune 500 companies use psychometric tests when recruiting. Which is really all the proof you need that these tests are worth investing time and effort in. We’d recommend taking a FREE test with Practice Aptitude Tests to get started on your path to career success!

4. The tests have the power to reduce employee turnover

High employee turnover is unsettling and costly for both people and businesses. Psychometric testing gives companies more detailed information about their employees. As a result, canny employers can spend time working out which people, based on their test results, would best fit the culture and working style of the business – thus reducing turnover rates.

5. It’s about so much more than being smart

Being a whizz at maths or boasting an encyclopedic range of general knowledge doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be ace at psychometrics. The tests are designed to challenge you on a whole range of skills and mindsets, from behavioural patterns to situational thinking – so the only way to really get good is to practise, practise, practise.

6. It helps identify the Steve Jobs and Sheryl Sandbergs of the world

When employers analyse your test results they won’t just be looking at how suited you are to the role you’ve applied for. Oh no, many will also be able to identify the people who’ll make great future influencers, motivators and leaders.

7You can’t go wrong!

Psychometric testing is about identifying how and why people respond the way they do, not marking something as right or wrong. So there aren’t correct or incorrect answers. Instead, each answer has a different score associated with it, based on your response.

Psychometric testing is a fascinating way to learn more about people; what makes them tick, what causes them to react and how they think when presented with challenges. Highly respected by employers as a recruitment tool, practising as many tests as you can is the best way to set yourself up for success. Good luck!

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