Self Belief – Time To Be The Master Of Your Own Destiny?

I have it all but am still unhappy.

A beautiful home, a beautiful wife, fantastic kids, successful in business, and money to burn, but why am I still unhappy?

I hear this all the time over the years, and it makes you wonder if what your doing is really worth it, does it really satisfy you, does it really make you happy. In most cases it’s just one thing that’s missing, maybe it’s someone to share it with, or maybe you are not doing what you have always dreamed about, or just maybe the challenge isn’t big enough, whatever the reason, it’s up to you to do something about it, and it is all about taking action now, and not to keep delaying it, because one day it will become too late to do anything about it.

Loneliness is a terrible thing to have to endure, but millions of us do all over the world. You can be lonely in your job, you can be lonely in your personal life, you can be lonely because there is not enough fulfillment in your life, whatever the reason, loneliness can destroy you.

How Do We Change This?

To me, change can only be bought about by yourself, you are the master of your own destiny, you decide what path to take, you make the decisions that can affect the rest of your life, only you can get it right, so you must believe in yourself, you have got to take control and make things happen.

Self-belief, being positive, and knowing what you want are the key factors in self-fulfillment.

The one thing we must remember is that you can not do everything by yourself, you will hear from quite a lot of life coaches that you and you alone can make your life happy, but to me that is rubbish, all good life, and motivational coaches will tell you interaction, engagement, and support from friends, family, and fellow professionals is absolutely essential, and that without that support,   how confident you are, you will fail, and you will still feel unfulfilled.

You can have everything else, but if you don’t have self-belief, you don’t have anything.

Self Belief

Do I doubt myself? All the time, but do I back myself in the decisions I make,? Yes I do, and the reason is that I believe in making a decision that I feel is right, and I have to have the self-belief that the decision that I have made is the right decision and the one that I believe in, and is the best decision for all concerned.

Self-belief doesn’t always mean your right, but you back yourself with everything you do in life, and if mistakes are made you learn from them, but you always believe that you did everything for the right reason, and that is called SELF-BELIEF.

Running your life or running your business is the same in many ways, neither of them will work if you don’t believe what you are doing is right. You see it isn’t about what is right and what is wrong, it’s about knowing that whatever you do in your business and personal life, you believe what you are doing is the right thing to do because you are the one that has to live with your decisions.


Andy Thomson
Andy Thomson
My name is Andy, I am a professional blogger, and my passion is helping people and businesses to be the very best that they can. I am 55 years old, and I have been writing all my life, and today the inspiration behind it all are my children, grandchildren, and the city I live in the UK, that cities name is Lincoln, with its people and ancient history there is always a story to be told. I thrive under pressure, because I believe that a challenge brings out the best in you, and I want to write at my best. I have run a blog for many years, and I love blogging, I use this blog as an escape from everyday life, and to spread the word and create awareness about mental health.

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