“Self-Awareness” – The Core Dimension of Conscious Leadership

Cultivating the mind to sharpen one’s ability to be present at any given moment, appreciating how this inner work shapes one’s identity, behaviours, and actions and the impact exerted on others, is a journey that can bring to light new insight, originating breakthroughs and creating sustainable transformation at the individual, team and organisational level.

How enhancing individual and collective self-awareness can sustain organisational success and growth?

The journey starts within the realm of the “Self” or “Being”. In the coaching space, we call it “Self-leadership”, namely the mastery of oneself.

Self-leadership is about awareness, tolerance, and not letting your own natural tendencies limit your potential.

~Scott Belsky

This inner dimension tends to be silenced by the “Doing”, or the natural mind’s tendency to focus on goals and planning, to deliver, to execute, “to do” by way of automatism, overlooking the emotional response that manifests through it.

In the organisational environment, systems are in place to capture performance metrics, and to measure outcomes against strategic objectives. The mind’s default modality is to make and give meaning to what is only visible to the eyes, namely outputs arising out of set objectives and goals whilst, more often than not, little attention is paid to the invisible dynamics at play that in fact determine those results.

When the self-evident is taken for granted, opportunities and solutions to create anew or to redesign an environment conducive to growth, are missed.

Companies experience internal fragmentation, disengagement, and loss in performance and productivity because the inner driving forces of human potential such as purpose and meaning, do not find space within the internal ecosystem: The human dimension is taken out of the business profit imperative as if, somehow, it is not part of it.

People’s search for meaning, and the desire to reconnect with their job at a deeper level in a purpose-driven environment that presents real opportunities to engage with the company’s journey as active contributors, are catalysts for positive action and sustainable change.

The change in the tide is palpable and visible in talent expectations, and unmatched talent supply-demand offering that are driving further volatility and uncertainty in the labour market.

According to the latest report by ManpowerGroup in partnership with HR Review “The Great Realisation: Accelerating Trends, Renewed Urgency A Look at the 2022 Labour Landscape”, such dramatic shifts in people’s sentiment have accelerated, pushing further afield the urgency for rethinking about workforce dynamics, for redesigning a people experience that aligns with the strategic direction of the business, for creating sustainable growth by harnessing the power of technology and digital to build agile and data-driven processes that are centred around the human dimension, through collaborative networks re-engineered to recognise and nurture a whole person encompassing holistic company’s journey.

When the internal environment transforms into a space for connection, motivation and engagement skyrocket. In this dimension, the organisation holds the key to a brighter and sustainable future: By fostering a return to integration and alignment, the whole ecosystem performs in synergy with the company’s growth roadmap.

Looking at it from a higher view, the visible dimensions become the expression of the potential of the organisation at a point in time. When this potential is harnessed and developed, purpose, behaviours and actions take a coherent leap forward, propelling the organisation to greater levels of performance.

Only by intentionally creating space for reflection and feedforward networks unified and driven by a common goal, can the organisation identify the hinders to progress at individual and team levels thus positively setting in motion an internal engine that will bolster and sustain growth at scale.

Through a holistic lens, we can observe, capture and measure how this multidimensionality aligns or not to the broader strategic direction of the organisation, providing valuable insight into the extent by which potential has reached its expression within the company’s eco-system at a point in time in its growth journey thus enabling the shift that can facilitate the sought change.

Self-awareness, whether individual or collective, can be seen as an expression of potential waiting to be unlocked. When the inner blueprint is harmonised, we can observe a change from fragmentation, disconnection, and disempowering team dynamics to greater collaboration and engagement.

By facilitating dialogue with individuals, teams, and leaders, and channeling connection in a safe space for authentic and empathetic conversations to be had, we allow the “inner voice” to come to light, enabling self-awareness to expand, individually and collectively.

The dormant layers of human potential start emerging, spurring new ideas, solutions and perspectives into action, resulting in supportive and empowering states of collective effort underpinned by clear direction and inspiring behaviours.

The likely result? Action, or the “doing” modality will take care of itself as people will feel more engaged, motivated, and valued.

Such a shift requires sitting with the discomfort that may arise as the mind is invited to open up to the new, being challenged as it expands its innate potential. As old layers shed, new viewpoints and perspectives come to light in response to new self-empowering thinking systems.

There is no comfort in the growth zone, and no growth in the comfort zone.

~Jocko Willink

Higher levels of self-awareness ensue meaningful connection, innovation, and creativity as enablers towards greater value creation and shared purpose.

Whether it is internal or individual (insight-based) or external (societal, environmental, interpersonal), the level of “being-awareness” is central to unlocking human potential across the organisation.

In a trust-based work environment, openness, curiosity and safety flourish. As new dynamics emerge, inner motivators weave in with meaning and purpose. enhancing one’s ability for introspection, for seeing opportunities through challenges, and for individuals to be “seen”.

It is a transformative journey in which courage and compassion support conscious choice in leading others to higher states of energetic vibration, to let go of unserving paradigms of thinking whilst embracing growth as a journey in its own right.

When new levels of consciousness are achieved at the collective level, the organisation operates from a renewed dimension of empowerment, in an enablement-led culture that comes from a deep appreciation for what intrinsically motivates people, knowing how to harness that potential.


Monica Dettori
Monica Dettori
I am a forward-thinking, creative, and people-centric HR & OD Transformation Specialist, Human Potential & Wellness Coach. Ecosystems that have at heart the well-being and development of their people create sustainable cultures that ignite collective action and propel the organisation towards greater levels of performance. I enable the enterprise to foster a work environment in which people meaningfully and purposefully connect to the company's journey, taking an active part in the delivery of its vision and strategic goals. With over a decade of experience in the people profession, I have developed in-depth expertise and know-how in designing, implementing, leading on, and measuring the impact of people-centric interventions that have improved the employee's experience and strengthened the internal Employee Value Proposition (EVP). I bring a holistic, “whole person”, approach to sustain organisational development at scale, proactively responding to the challenges individuals, teams and leaders face today due to disruptive change, market’s unpredictability, and increasingly high uncertainty. Leveraging behavioural science, best-practice, coaching, and agile methodologies, I enable the organisation to move towards greater levels of performance, building the bridge between strategic and people’s needs, to promote a culture of empowerment, collaboration & continuous improvement that produces experiences people connect with and that ultimately lead to long term growth and a quantifiable return on investment (ROI). I am passionate about regenerative methodologies that create ripples of positive change at individual, organisational and societal level. A Nature’s devotee and outdoor enthusiast, I invest time in immersive experiences with the natural environment in alignment with my philosophy of Living Mindfully every day.

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  1. An excellent article Monica Dettori – it explores and clearly presents what self awareness is and the necessity of it. It’s unfortunate but many float through life never taking a moment to consider who they are and how they fit into a job or even fit into this world. Plus self perception helps lead us along the road to the development of confidence and strength. As we become more self aware we also become realistic regarding our skills, not only how to appreciate and present them, but use them to positively function in a job as well as life, in general. Self awareness helps us become more honest with ourselves – plus – in my experience – aids in developing optimism needed to reach our goals.

    Your statement says it succinctly – “Whether it is internal or individual (insight-based) or external (societal, environmental, interpersonal), the level of “being-awareness” is central to unlocking human potential across the organization” Thanks for this insightful share.