Your life challenges (which really are only experiences in the moment) are your gifts.

You must love them, as it is the path to transcend and transform. A new and renewed life will begin. As each challenge is resolved, you go through a death and rebirth, from the old ways of thinking, seeing, believing and perceiving to new levels of awareness.

In these new moments, time merges with space and begins to slow down.

Amazing and extraordinary experiences will enter your life. You will discover peace from within spilling out into the greater world rewarding you in return.

  • What made you angry, now passes you by.
  • What brought you pain and discomfort, is replaced by blessings and calm.
  • The old stories that would play over and over are rewritten with a fresh and vitalized zest for life.

When LOVE is the all-encompassing foundation from which you take action, you interweave the beauty and essence of life into the fabric of your existence.

Self-acceptance is a form of surrender to the innate flow and way of life. The will of a greater power is guiding you, it is up to you to let go of trying to shape events and control situations.

Solve the unsolvable through the mental shifts enabling LOVE to be the basis and catalyst for change creating opportunities to grow into a stronger, wiser and more engaged human within the micro of the macro universe.

Relationships (personal and business) will strengthen…..

Feeling empowered will bolster your intentions…..

What you desire will manifest….

Excitement and potential for what is yet to come is brewing…..

If not now, when? The Art of Living is accepting what is, while at the same time allowing what is wanting to be. Success, personal growth, confidence, understanding, and momentum are available to you. Seize the moment and starting living life to the fullest!

Living a heart-centered life allows the balance of giving and receiving, bringing clarity to the mental mind for peace and joy.

–Eileen Bild

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Aldo Delli Paoli

From my studies of psychology I learned that each of us makes a journey, in life. We do not realize all our potential in one go, but we extract it day after day. Precisely for this reason it is essential to rely on the changes that emerge spontaneously from our inner world, without thinking of knowing already what the final goal is. Here, the inner balance is the ability to exploit all the winds and all the currents that arise through internal states, energies, sides of the character, emotions.