School Matters – Let’s Teach Them A Lesson In Kindness

You may recall our outreach (Article Below) on behalf of Mayor Nicholas Victorin and his impoverished City of Pignon, Haiti, still recovering from the devastation brought about by the Earthquake of 2010.

Change For Good – A Devoted Mayor Makes A Difference

Since publishing the above Article, I’ve had the distinct pleasure of meeting Mayor Nicholas for the first time here in Tampa Bay not long ago. Nicholas embodies the spirit of “giving back” in all that he does – and was here in Tampa to raise awareness of the plight of his City and particularly the schoolchildren. Quoting from Nicholas:

“Haiti is unfortunately divided into citizens in the city and the ones in the rural areas. Roads that lead to those places are not accessible by cars so people who leave in places like that are usually left on their own and not cared for by others or by the Haitian government. My heart touched for those kids who don’t have a way of being educated and for elders who are sick, hungry and have no-one to take care of them. I have been trying hard to reach out to those needy ones, we go where others would not want to go to reach them. I have a scholarship program ($100.00) that helps one child to go to school, which includes school’s tuition, uniforms, and some school materials. I am trying to give them a chance of education just like the children in the city.”

HELP WANTED – Another School Year Approaching

While competing for cash donations has been very difficult, we asked Nicholas to give us a list of the most critical school supplies needed as the new School Year approaches. Recognizing that it’s sometimes easier to capture goodwill by keeping it simple, you can now help the schoolchildren of Pignon, Haiti with just a few clicks. With the help of we’re now displaying precisely the needs and precisely the cost in the form of a Pignon, Haiti “wishlist,” as presented below:
Whether it be a $3.00 Ruler or a $21.00 Box of ballpoint pens, every little bit will make a BIG difference to the schoolchildren. So please click above to make a real difference today – we’ll arrange the shipping and all else to get the supplies to Pignon. We’ve met Mayor Nicholas, he’s real, the need is real – and we can really use your help to teach the schoolchildren of Pignon, Haiti a genuine “lesson in kindness”… On behalf of Team 360° please accept our heartfelt thanks!

UPDATE – Thanks to the generosity of so many, over a dozen boxes of school supplies were delivered last month to the schoolchildren of Pignon. See pictures below as Mayor Nicholas distributes our donated supplies:

Dennis J. Pitocco
Dennis J. Pitocco
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  1. I know the situation in Haiti: my daughter worked there with Médecins Sans Frontières and then I made a long-distance adoption right in the period of cholera which then extended to needy families.
    It is certainly a desperate situation but there is no doubt that the children are the ones most affected in the gold right to have an education …. a better life expectancy.



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