Satisfaction is not a place, an object or a person. It is not even a moment in time. It is a state of mind. Without any other dependency. This is why we find it so difficult to achieve.

~ Maria Lehtman

I took the above image during one of our photography tours in Europe. A moonlight sonata at the coast of Croatia. It was one of the most peaceful moments of my life. A warm night without a mosquito in sight. A pilot was navigating his way through the field of stars, practicing night flying with a small plane – soaring gentle loops above us.

I could imagine the pilot looking at the sea bathed in moonlight behind his illuminated controls.

For a moment I settled down leaning my head against my camera back bag. It was a moment I wished never to end. A moment of complete satisfaction and peace.

I never realized that it would take me a long while to reach that exact state again. It was good that I did not. The secret of satisfaction is letting your mind be in one place at the same time with the rest of your body. Present with every fiber of your being.

We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.

~ Mother Teresa

Ref. Weekly Photo-Challenge by Daily Post: Satisfaction

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Maria Lehtman
MARIA has over 20 years of Sales, Marketing, and Professional Services experience from the international telecommunications and travel industry. Her achievements include successful global Transition, Transformation and Competency programs in management roles at global telecommunication field. She is currently working in International Sales & Marketing department with transversal employee and executive social media engagement development programs. Maria is passionate about the digital empowerment and the opportunities it can provide for people around the world. She is a dedicated photographer and digital artist engaged in several creative projects at any given time. She is a compassionate leader, and her mission is to support people in self-transformation and in embracing new skills. Her trademark is her capability to share a smile even during the most challenging ccircumstances and keep a 'mindfulness'-attitude. Maria’s posts and thoughts represent her own view of the world. See Maria's current publication on
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Raissa Urdiales
Raissa Urdiales

Love this Maria! It can be so hard to realize the sense of satisfaction that moment when we are in it but it is a magical moment indeed💫