Runaway (Part 2)

In the first chapter (below) I had run away from home with my boyfriend Basil at the age of sixteen. He was nineteen. We set out hitchhiking across the states from Waterloo, Iowa to the present state of Batesville Missouri.


When we arrived in Batesville, Missouri, and went to the guy’s (driver) Mothers house. I don’t recall his name, but he was tall with short black hair, and I would guess was middle-aged. When we met his mother, she was so nice, we told her we had nowhere to go. She offered us to stay there for a couple of weeks. Grandma was short as well, about my height. She wore her long gray hair up in a bun. She was dressed in bell-bottom pants and a tie-dyed t-shirt. I remember thinking she looked cool. We told Rita’s grandmother we were married.

His daughter’s name was Rita, and she was 14 years old shorter than me four”10 with short brown hair and built like an eighteen-year-old. While she was fully developed, I on the other hand looked like a stick. She had a one-year-old boy baby boy. Rita and I hit it off well. Good, I had someone to talk to about how I was feeling. Grandma had taken Rita in when she became pregnant at the age of twelve. During those two weeks, Rita and I talked about the events leading up to our meeting. She knew I was a runaway and had no idea where we were going. I remember going to the laundromat with her a couple of times to wash clothes. Her mother had given me clothes that fit me, and I washed them along with Rita’s. We walked to the laundromat. Batesville was a small town, and everyone knew everyone there. Things were uneventful while there. We ate, watched television, and talked.

After about three weeks Basil decided it was time to hit the road again. While in my mind I was reluctant to leave this now familiar place it was time to move on. I wrote a letter to my friend Luanne the girl’s house I ran from and dropped it in the mail the day we left with no return address. So, there would be no trace of me. That was the only contact I’d had with anyone in the last two weeks. I made no phone calls and only wrote that one letter letting her know I was okay. Much later I found out my friend Luanne had given the letter to my dad. It was postmarked, Batesville Missouri. My dad and brother Bobby had come looking for me, but it was too late I had left there two days prior. Bobby was the second oldest in the family. He looked the most like dad I thought. They were both tall with black hair. He used to box Golden Gloves, so he was buff at the time. That’s why dad brought him along.

He was twenty at the time. They had found Rita’s house by asking around at the laundromat. As I said, it was a small town. The only one that knew I was running away from home was my brother Rory. I had confided in him before I left but I’m sure he didn’t think I would go through with it. But I did. Rory was short like me with short dirt blonde hair and never did anything wrong growing up, one year my senior. He was planning to go into the service once he turned eighteen. I had six brothers and two sisters all still at home except my sister Theresa, she got out while the getting was good. And my brother Bobby had moved out as well.

Rita’s Grandmother gave Basil fifty dollars and said that was all she could spare. We were rich. I left there feeling blessed and knowing I had made a lifelong friend. Back on the road again with thumbs out catching rides whenever we could with the hope that it didn’t rain. It was Springtime and we were heading deeper south towards Arkansas. Basil continued to sit in the middle when we caught a ride and kept his trusty buck knife handy. We caught short rides, and I was really starting to get weary. “Where are we going?” I asked Basil. “We are going to some relations of mine in Arkansas,” he replied. I was nervous once again being on the road and wishing I had stayed put at home not knowing what was coming around the next bend. While I kept thinking about everyone and missing my brothers and sisters I was still hell-bent I wasn’t going home to face the wrath of dad. I really hadn’t given too much thought to them worrying about me at the time. There was time, for that later.

To Be Continued.


Eva Marie Cagley
Eva Marie Cagley
Eva Marie Ann Cagley was born in 1958 to Frank and Priscilla Cagley. Having been raised in Waterloo Iowa, U.S. She spent most of my time working with teenagers as a counselor. Working with teenagers gave her great joy, having had none of her own… She came from a large family having nine children. She has always had a passion for writing and believes it is a gift from God… There's little else to say about her as her writing reflects whom she is. Her beliefs, perspectives, trials, tribulations hope and despair, dreams of all her lives’ journeys…She currently has five poetry books published and a Miracle story. Her poetry and essays can be found on various ezines and blogs. Her poetry books can be found on Amazon and Lulu. Book titles: “In the Garden of My Mind,” “Dancing in Heaven,” “The Airwaves of My Soul,” “Where Poets Dream,” I Shall Always Think of You,” “God's Miracle Story.” Her personal web page is She is included in the book “To Be or Not to Be A Writer” by, Sweetycat press publications. Available on Amazon. Who's Who of Emerging Writers 2021 published by Sweetycat press. Also available on Amazon. The Beacon Ezine, (Poetry). Spillwords (Poetry) Honor of Socialite of the year 2021. The Academy of the Heart and Mind, (Poetry and essay). Wink Writers in The Know Magazine & Blog (Essay and poetry). Journey of the Heart, (Poetry). Wildfire Publications LLC, Inc. (Poetry and article). Grey Thoughts, (Essays, Poetry). The New Zealand Blog (Articles and poetry). She has also been included in numerous anthologies. You can find the links to all her published works on She currently writes articles for Wildfire Publications LLC Magazine and every two weeks for the New Zealand Dream Blog. She has always had a desire to write and takes her work seriously. She has just recently become aggressive by submitting her work. She is pleased with her success!

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