Rise & Shine: Crafting and Nurturing Experiences People will Love

According to the latestAchievers Workforce Institute’s fifth annual Engagement and Retention Report“, the people challenges being faced by organisations across the globe have never been greater.

It is Hero’s Work, not for the faint-hearted“, the report cites.

It is purpose-led work that places people at the heart of a company’s growth, creating experiences people connect with, and authentically wish to be part of.

Cultures of recognition & belonging yield greater performance and are sustainable; enterprises that are intentional about managing change, obtain a lasting, measurable return for investing in their people.

The report highlights key trends in employee sentiment that are set to continue, bearing upon the way companies attract and retain talent: Re-thinking about the employer-employee relationship through a holistic people’s proposition lens is a business imperative.

Opening to a deeper level of listening, creating space for exploration, and following through with actionable plans would bring about a culture of presence in which effort is acknowledged.

According to the report, recognition and feedback account for 52% of talent retention as a commitment toward one’s job directly links to the feeling of being meaningfully supported and valued.

During a recent live-panel discussion on the evolution of the people experience powered by Mercer in partnership with LinkedIn, it was reported that “Trust is the currency of relationships.

Trust is the currency of leadership which sustains the feeling of belonging and fosters a culture based on contribution people want to be part of, and where work becomes meaningful as it connects to the company’s journey, and greater shared value is obtained, ultimately leading to superior company’s performance.

Organisational transformation happens when all internal forces at play operate in synchrony and synergy towards a common goal or directed outcome, just like a musical instrument produces a harmonious sound because it is taken care of, its chords well-tuned and the musician’s ability to transform mere notes into experiences their audience relate to.

A holistic Employee Value Proposition (EVP) requires a shift in perspective as we take a higher view of the dynamics shaping the internal environment, at organisational, managerial, and team levels.

Re-imagining the employee experience with the human dimension in mind, and reshaping it accordingly, demands a different mindset that draws on data at hand, leverages innovation, and fosters collaboration at the core of a company’s culture and values.

To generate and sustain feelings of connection, we must see recognition as a strategic need, establishing support networks that strengthen engagement and enhance motivation along the people’s journey.

Organisations that craft a psychologically safe working environment, encourage meaningful and authentic real-time conversations and tap into tools and resources that enable nimble data capturing for analysis to inform present and future strategic decisions.

By fostering innovation and creativity while harnessing the power of technology, we create bridges that connect people in-person and remotely.

Interdependent on that, a culture of well-being that asks, listens and meets people where they are at, cultivating a working environment that energises and empowers.

The listening organisation transforms traditional communication subtleties by placing emphasis on exploration, learning, and actioning the emerging needs.

Real-time interactions strengthen social and relational feelings; the new dynamic would enable the company to gather invaluable insight into employees’ sentiments, needs, and wants.

By taking an intentional approach to workforce surveys via regular pulses and sprints, the organisation can turn relevant metrics into positive intervention in alignment with strategic goals.

When designing a culture of recognition, think of embedding a R.I.S.E. (Recognition Model credits Achievers) map into your people journey.

Be purposeful. Establishing and communicating the WHY is a necessary strategic priority.

Be a connector. Embody HOW you will go about the plan, from enunciating the resources made available, to establishing a realistic timeframe from implementation to evaluation, including piloting the project plan and /or prototyping.

Set clear direction. Share, collaborate and adjust the course as needed, to ensure the expected WHAT is attained.

Create space for you, your Team, and Managers to:

  • Build the habit of Recognition, by freeing calendar time to celebrate, appreciate and support efforts through regular in-person and/or virtual interactions.
  • Offer Immediate feedback: Real-time recognition that is iterated over time, reinforces one’s positive behaviours; this, in turn, sustains results that last and link directly to greater engagement, motivation, and performance.
  • Be Specific, by providing meaningful feedback that is of personal importance to the individual or the Team.
  • Encourage & Empower to Enable a culture of recognition where managers and leadership are supportive of everyone’s effort, contribution, and added value.

Brains, like hearts, go where they are appreciated.

~Robert McNamara

By being intentional about recognition, companies allow people to rise and shine. The result? The organisation will grow sustainably and will have a well-defined competitive advantage in talent retention and development.


Monica Dettori
Monica Dettori
I am a forward-thinking, creative, and people-centric HR & OD Transformation Specialist, Human Potential & Wellness Coach. Ecosystems that have at heart the well-being and development of their people create sustainable cultures that ignite collective action and propel the organisation towards greater levels of performance. I enable the enterprise to foster a work environment in which people meaningfully and purposefully connect to the company's journey, taking an active part in the delivery of its vision and strategic goals. With over a decade of experience in the people profession, I have developed in-depth expertise and know-how in designing, implementing, leading on, and measuring the impact of people-centric interventions that have improved the employee's experience and strengthened the internal Employee Value Proposition (EVP). I bring a holistic, “whole person”, approach to sustain organisational development at scale, proactively responding to the challenges individuals, teams and leaders face today due to disruptive change, market’s unpredictability, and increasingly high uncertainty. Leveraging behavioural science, best-practice, coaching, and agile methodologies, I enable the organisation to move towards greater levels of performance, building the bridge between strategic and people’s needs, to promote a culture of empowerment, collaboration & continuous improvement that produces experiences people connect with and that ultimately lead to long term growth and a quantifiable return on investment (ROI). I am passionate about regenerative methodologies that create ripples of positive change at individual, organisational and societal level. A Nature’s devotee and outdoor enthusiast, I invest time in immersive experiences with the natural environment in alignment with my philosophy of Living Mindfully every day.

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