I’m buoyed by this wave of willingness from people who see this time as a chance to re-align their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being as we adjust to the new reality. Like post-9/11, things will never be the same after Covid 19 and its associated ripples.

My wife has a compromised immune system, so we have to be extra vigilant. We’ve both noticed several things:

Neighbors (even in other neighborhoods) are more friendly, likely to engage, and in less of a hurry.

We can continue our exercise quite well at home – we have some free weights, we practice Pilates and tai chi via computer.

We are reaching out more (and being reached) by our network of friends via video platforms. Much better than the old hit-and-run Facebook et al.

We spend more time being painstaking about doing things. Not just from a disease-prevention standpoint, but just as a way to focus our energy toward better rather than faster.

I believe that the default setting for us human beings is to connect, discover and learn. Nothing in my years of teaching and learning contradicts that. Nothing.

Once we remove the barriers that block our ‘bent’ toward possibility, we restock our selves (and, in time, the shelves!) with better stuff.

Without getting too far afield here—looking for causes and reasons—why not see this rock in our pond as the introduction of new insight. As we get better, we’ll feel better.


Mac Bogert
Mac Bogert
I fell in love with learning, language, and leadership through the intervention of two professors—I had actually achieved a negative GPA—who kicked my butt for drifting through my first couple of semesters at Washington and Lee University. After graduate school at U. Va., I started teaching English at a large high school in northern Virginia. A terrific principal lit my fire, a terrible one extinguished it. I left after five years (the national average, as it turns out, maybe the only time I did something normal) and started an original folk/blues/rock band. That went well for a time until the record company sponsoring us folded. I toured for some years as an acoustic blues musician, primarily as an opening act for bands like the Muddy Waters Band, Doc, and Merle Watson and such remarkable talent. As that market dried up (disco), I earned my Coast Guard Masters License and worked for the next decade as a charter and delivery captain and sailing instructor. At the same time, I was working part-time as an actor and voice-over artist, selling inflatable boats and encyclopedias, and working as a puppeteer. Itchy feet, I suppose. I came back into the system in 1987 as a teacher specialist in health and drug education in my county school system, also part-time as Education Coordinator (and faculty member) for Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts. I ‘departed’ both jobs in 1994 (therein lie more stories than 350 words could hold) and started my own business. AzaLearning is the career I’d been dodging for decades. I serve 200 clients around the country, helping with all kinds of coaching, planning, transforming conflict, creative problem-solving, communication, and mediation (I also trained and worked as a community mediator somewhere during sailing and teaching): learning, language, and leadership. In 2016 I published Learning Chaos: How Disorder Can Save Education and actively contribute to a couple of online education magazines as well as publish a newsletter, a blog, and the learning chaos podcast.

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  1. Mac – Welcome to the BC360 family. Here you will be encouraged to grow as a writer and receive respectful engagement that expands thinking. Most of all, online friendships will become truly important as you build a readership. Good luck – good article to get stated.

  2. What a beautiful and wise piece dear Mac! I’m glad of observing you’re dealing with those times of crisis in an effective way! They are definitely re-shaping the way of living for everybody in the world, and this is not even a choice!

    I believe it’s such a great opportunity to start becoming selfaware, ponder and develop resilience, especially for parents!

    I’m thrilled observing how many are struggling and at the same time wholeheartedly investing themselves in giving their kids the best of their being they’re developing during those harsh moments!

    It’s really giving me faith to see parents trying their best to re-shape both their distorted subconscious program as well as their children’s one they’ve been writing from before birth (from the mom’s belly)!

    It is extremely hard work, but the one giving results! Modelling is what is building the kids’ future balanced behavior, keep them connected to their seeds of greatness they would progressively develop, so that they would become the future principle-centered adults living wholeheartedly and uplifting the world through their beings first and their talents second! 💙