Have you ever, Nah, you must have.

At one time or another, we all have no doubt put our foot into a pool of water or skipped a rock along the surface of a lake. Watching how that just the slightest contact with the water has made a ripple or wave effect, if you will, which enlarges as it spreads out.

(Ripples theoretically can continue until contacting an opposing force).

We do the same thing with our lives; we make ripples. They begin within our immediate area and then can spread throughout our community, state, country, and world.

You’re probably thinking “what…” but truth be told, when we do the smallest of things, our actions make ripples.

When you say good morning to someone, at that moment you’ve made a ripple. Did you see their smile or hear them say the same back to you or some nearby individual? How did it make you feel, happy? Well, that same happiness will spread throughout the day as your ripples continue to spread.

You are no doubt wondering how I think this small ripple, the one you’ve just created, can go global, it’s easy. Today, we have so many avenues of communication available to us that time is not a factor.

As your ripple spreads to others, then their ripple spreads, it continues to compound. In some cases taking just a short time for a ripple-contacted individual to board an international flight, make an international call, send an email, Facebook message or post, etc. and you have made a global ripple.

That is why it is so imperative that we be mindful of the ripples we are creating. As easily as we can send out good ripples, we can also send adverse ones. As easily as we can make someone’s day memorable, we can also darken it.

So let’s all be mindful of our ripples, and be sure that we are sending out beautiful ripples, as many as we possibly can.


Mike Sutton
Mike Sutton
Greetings from M L. Sutton, a born-again Christian and retired citizen of the Great Lakes State of Michigan, currently residing in the Northern Michigan town of Cheboygan. A father of two wonderful adult children who also reside in Cheboygan, and a husband of forty-three years, before losing my wife to a health-related illness in May 2020. I began writing in a journal in April 2020, with the words and feelings that I had wished to express to my wife but was unable to because of pandemic guidelines and her illness. After her demise, I continued to write as a way to vent the hurt, confusion, frustration, and sorrow associated with her absence in my life, culminating with the release of my first book, “To Lose a Soul Mate “, which was published by Xulon Press, and released to the public on September 25, 2022. In losing my wife, God had given me a gift one that I could share with others, the gift of writing what my heart felt and my eyes saw, as though looking through the windows of my heart. This new gift allowed me the opportunity to see through the pain and grief of losing my wife and to recognize the beauty that had always been around me but I had not taken the time to fully enjoy, or be thankful for. I now write for enjoyment, as it gives me a sense of peace and comfort, sharing my material on social media sites, while also working on a second book, a collection of writings from both heart and soul; which I have titled Ramblings of the Heart, which I plan to have published at a later date. Before that, I was enjoying retirement with my wife, after having worked for nearly 33 years for the State of Michigan Department of Natural Resources, as a Park Manager in various parks throughout the state of Michigan.

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