Right VS Left – Left VS Right

For tonight’s fight, we are featuring the two top contenders for the title of Champion Political Party. In this corner are the current holders of the White House and both Houses of Congress herein known as the Republicans formerly known as the party of no. This party rose to prominence in November 2016 with the knockout victory that saw Donald J. Trump elected as the 45th President of the United States of America. Let us all rise and give it up for the Republican Party! ALL RIGHT!

Directly behind my left side stands the party of the left who gave you Barack Obama the chief architect of Obama Care (the Health Care policy you love to hate) whose respect and admiration for terrorist organizations known all over the world remains unbridled. This party opened the doors to our shores to ring in the much-anticipated arrival of Sharia Law. Joining them in the ring are Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Hillary Benghazi Clinton, Tom Perez, and lucky Chuckie Schumer. We regret to inform you that Barack Obama will not be in attendance due to a previously scheduled meeting with Angela Merkel of Germany. May I ask everybody to join me in welcoming the Democratic Party the political home of the glittering, star-studded Hollywood Liberals.

The winner of this fight will be determined by our panel of judges (The American people) whose decision will be binding except in cases of provable fraud which by the way both of these parties are experts in. Vladimir Putin has been disbarred for allegations of manipulating elections. At the end of this never-ending cycle of round and round we go the party that remains in power or takes control by virtue of elections ripe with voter fraud will be deemed the winner. For the record, the votes of dead people cannot be counted as they were determined to be too stiff to vote.

Yes America “That’s right, it’s come to this, yes it’s come to this, and wasn’t it a long way down, wasn’t it a strange way down?” To diverge from the subject matter at hand the words in quotations were written by Leonard Cohen for his song Dress Rehearsal Rag. There is a part of me that echoes these words as I am witnessing the tearing down of America by both Republicans and Democrats. Have we ever witnessed the volume of scandals being produced at such a rapid rate that it has become impossible to determine which party is worse or begin to fathom how this mess unfolded right before our eyes and right under our noses?

Using any formula or theory you wish in order to place the ultimate blame on the fact remains we are becoming (if we are not already there) the laughing stock of many nations of the world which include Israel who is our staunchest ally. America was always looked upon not only as the leader in the free world but a shining example of just how well bi-partisanship works for the good of the people. The values we as Americans took pride in addition to promoting are mere mirages reflecting back at us from the mirrors of our minds. In any event, whose values do we hold to when there is neither a sustained sense of values nor can we agree what our values are.

In the 8 years that preceded this election, the Democrats were the dominant party in the United States. In those 8 years, we experienced uncontrolled spending on just about everything except for what was really vital for America. “Workplace violence” known better as terrorism was common place. The fires of racial tension were stroked by the Obama Administration while respect for Law Enforcement Officers, Teachers and Soldiers virtually disappeared. Was this the new norm for America? Gone were the days whereupon you used a restroom that was in accordance with the gender you were born with not the gender you “identified” with. Remain silent and still while being extra careful not to upset the applecart.

As the right winged Republicans try to steer this country back to its glory of years gone by they are rocked by an earthquake of scandals. Nary has a week gone by nowadays where a new scandal or shady backroom deals are uncovered. How did it come to pass where it is the Russians who are exerting newly found power to the point where they may have influenced an election while being bestowed with our military secrets? Is this really possible? Can this really be happening in America in 2017? In the heat of battle, each side has used the threat of shutting down the government as a clear path to a power grab.

Face it our legislative process has ground to a halt! For all intents and purposes, the Democrats are running the show while the Republicans sit idly by baffled and befuddled as to what to do. Neither side has grasped the concept of direct face to face negotiation that would lead to agreements on many issues that both can live with. Incredible enough that strategy is doomed before it even starts as neither can agree what issues they need to come to an agreement on in an expedited manner. G-d forbid this should happen! G-d forbid the American public whom they are elected to serve be included in this process. After all, it is our interests not their own interests that should be being looked after!

In this tumultuous time, the Democrats in their infinite wisdom elect a vicious, vindictive, anti-Semite to be their standard-bearer for the long-term foreseeable future. The Republicans, of course, have President Twitter Trump to be their leader as well as the leader of this country. Trump is breaking a significant amount of his campaign promises on an alarmingly regular basis that he has lost our trust(not to mention losing the trust of many of our allies that Trump is setting up as our adversaries) as he stumbles his way to resignation or impeachment. This is to say that this country would be better served if it was being led by Vice President Pence who is eminently more qualified to be President than Trump is. Our whole country in addition to our allies would be fortified by this move.

The right is in the wrong! The right is to the right! The left is in the wrong! The left is in the right! If a real life boxing match would be a cure-all I would say go ahead and do it. Time and money are in short supply as is our tempers along with our political temperature. We can play the blame game until there is enough blame to pass around to the point that something drastic would have to done to restore order and function to Washington. The atmosphere inside the White House and the Houses of Congress have sunk so low that neither party can agree on a consensus within their own party. The President disagrees with and contradicts his own handpicked cabinet while seemingly trying to confuse us so that we accept whatever comes out of his mouth as being the gospel. Any new potential appointee to the President’s staff (i.e . FBI Director) irrespective of how qualified they are will be shot down by the Democrats. The Republicans must present a united front so they can garner enough support (Democrats who will switch allegiances) to get this nominee confirmed. Or perhaps it will be left up to Vice President Pence to become the tie-breaking vote thereby bringing this matter to a close.

I do not have the answers to these problems nor do I have the know how to restart our seemingly stalled government. All I can say is that what is transpiring disgusts me almost to the point where I cannot trust either party to do what is right. By right I mean what the American people need and want for themselves. Perhaps if people stay away from the voting booths en masse a message may reach their feeble minds. Realistically this is not a practical or viable option. May our prayers to our Creator be answered by peace in the land allowing our leaders to lead with vision, clarity, and compassion.


Joel Elveson
Joel Elveson
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    • Kat, thank you for commenting. The problem in Washington that has existed for years is that bipartisanship is virtually non-existent. Each party wants to dominate in terms of allowing legislation to pass. The party that sends the President to the Whitehouse will encounter stiff resistance from the other party. Both party’s are more interested in keeping the special interest groups that contribute obscene amounts of money to their campaigns (as well as other types of financial support) then they are wirkung for those they are supposed to be representing.

  1. When negotiation stops; when verbal dialog stops; dialog then becomes physical and very very violent. When people post on their YouTube that they are going to go and punch Nazis and white supremacists; then post themselves punching people only they don’t agree with; we got a big problem. Especially now that those same YouTubers are telling you where to buy concealed weapons.

    • Chris,
      In rereading your comments I get the gist of what you are talking about. Dialog on many fronts has indeed stopped. In many instan ce dialogue never started as insults and innuendos became the order of the day. These Democrats and Republicans have become so foreign and adversarial to each other as well as amongst themselves little in the way of beneficial legislation can result. It’s good to hear from you again since I had not received any comments from you in quite sometime I hope all is well with you. Thank you for your participation in these discussions.