Revealed – Top European Cities for Recent Graduates

The fall semester is approaching, and it’s back to school for some – but many will already be thinking about what comes next. The new graduates of 2019 are recharged from a summer rest, and the class of 2020 are looking ahead to a new life in a different city after the final academic push.

As a recently qualified student, you need to know where the jobs are. You might want to follow a particular sports, arts, or social scene. And let’s face it, you’re fed up of student accommodation – it’s important to find somewhere you can get a nice place and afford to eat and party like a grown-up!

To help new graduates, the career experts at Resume.io have ranked Europe’s top cities for new graduates according to key factors, including rent prices, cost of living, salaries, the presence of other graduates in the city, sports & fitness facilities, and entertainment & cultural events.

Here are some key findings from this study:

  • Glasgow (Scotland) came on top as the best European city for new graduates, with affordable rent, relatively low cost of living when compared with the average net salary, a large presence of graduates, and high levels of satisfaction among residents with sports & fitness facilities and entertainment & cultural events.
  • Sofia (Bulgaria) is the European city that offers the least expensive housing for new graduates: A one-bedroom apartment in Sofia costs an average of just €364.56 ($408.52) a month.
  • Bucharest (Romania) has the lowest average cost of living in Europe: Clothing, groceries, restaurants, sports and leisure activities, transportation, and utilities for a single person: just €439.13 ($492.08) a month.
  • Munich (Germany) is the city in Europe that offers the best chance of finding a good job. Munich is as a center of engineering, finance, and publishing. In addition to this, the city is enjoying rapid growth in innovation-driven industries: Employment in architecture and engineering grew 41.5% from 2012 to 2017, and employment in information and communication grew 33.6%, according to data from the City of Munich Department of Labor and Economic Development.
  • Madrid (Spain) is the best European city where to make new friends. You’re most likely to meet and work alongside graduates aged 25 to 64 in Madrid, according to our analysis.
  • Glasgow (Scotland) is the best city in Europe for staying in shape, and not only due to its sports fields and indoor sports halls. Other opportunities for physical activity include the city’s eight outdoor gyms and the free weekly group 5k runs through the city. Glasgow’s extreme sports enthusiasts are well served by Cathkin Braes mountain bike trails, Glasgow Wake Park for wakeboarding, and Snow Factor – a year-round indoor ski center with the longest indoor real snow slope in the UK.
  • Vienna (Austria) is the top European city for those interested in attending entertainment and cultural events all-year-round. Four out of five survey respondents said they were “very satisfied” with the cultural facilities in Vienna. The city’s concert halls, theatres, museums, and libraries make it the most popular city for culture in our analysis.

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